What is a Feeling of Loneliness

Loneliness is a feeling when you are all alone and don’t have anybody. Most of the time people feel lonely by others leaving them out. Being lonely is a feeling that no one really ever wants to feel.

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In the book “Of Mice and Men” almost all of the characters are lonely. They all are lonely even though they aren’t alone, Curley’s wife and Crook show loneliness the most. The two characters, Curley’s wife and Crook, are affected by their loneliness because they are always left out from the rest of the group and no one talks to them.

Crook is not as respected as the others due to his color of skin and he gets treated like an animal. The author gets the message across whenever someone enters/exists his room. The author writes that the horses chains rattle to remind us that he lives in a barn. He is trying to say that Crook is treated like an animal. Crook tends to get very miserable. For example, when Lennie tried to enter his room he said “Don’t come in a place when you’re not wanted”(Steinbeck 69). Crook gets suprised that Lennie enters his room and actually wants to talk to him. For instance, when more people wanted to come in his tone changed and he told Candy in an irritable way “You can come in if you want”(Steinbeck 74). Crook is starting to get confused why people are wanting to come in his room because normally no one even will remember that he exists. Crook is not the only character in “Of Mice and Men” that is considered different from the majority of the group.

Curley’s wife is treated different than the rest by her being female and everyone else being male. The author doesn’t have her be called by name to show that she doesn’t have that much power. George is trying to get his point across, to have nothing to do with Curley’s wife by telling Lennie “Don’t you ever take a look at that … I don’t care what she says and what she does. I seen ’em poison before, but I never seen no piece of jail bait worse than than her. You leave her be”(Steinbeck 32). George doesn’t want Lennie to look at her because he won’t know what he is getting himself in to. No one really likes to talk to Curley’s wife and when she tried to talk to Lennie he said “George says I ain’t to have nothing to do with you—talk to you or nothing”(Steinbeck 86). Lennie isn’t suppose to have anything to do with her because she can be capable of dangerous things. Curley’s wife and Crook are left out due to having a different gender and/or having a different skin color.

Overall, Crook and Curley’s wife are affected by their own loneliness because of the people around them and who they are. This situation can be applied to real life in many ways. For example, there are a group of girls at school and then there is another girl who is super smart. She is left out from the rest of the group because she is different; meaning smarter than the rest. This matters in our world because it shows that people aren’t accepting. It shouldn’t matter if someone is different, we should treat them like we would treat the rest.

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