What are Genetically Modified Organisms?

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1. Introduction

According to Dictionary.com, a genetically modified organism (GMO), is an organism or microorganism whose genetic material has been modified by means of genetic engineering. They take an organism and inject it with genetics it doesn’t usually produce to enhance its abilities. Genetically modified organisms are typically used for crop production of maize, canola, and cotton. Like anything else in the world, GMO’s have a positive and negative effect our changing society.

2. Analysis of Evidence

Genetically modified organisms may also be known as selective breeding in order to make stronger organisms. These GMO’s aren’t necessarily referring only to plants, but it enhances their purpose and allows them to adapt to their changing environments; scientists viewed the process of natural selection as too slow. (Anonymous, 2015) They made the decision to speed up the process by taking living organisms into the lab and viewing the ways they could stimulate the process by selective breeding. Transferring natural living organisms into GMO’s makes the production faster, our food sources are more nutritious, and they are more pest resistant- which also happen to be safer for our environment. In 2011, 12 million more hectares of GMO crops were grown in 29 countries than those grown in 2010. (Anonymous, 2011) Due to the increase of production that GM products create, it helps reduce the amount of agricultural land that is being used; it reserves more land- forests and wildlife- which then creates a great impact to the environment. Because GM crops are being produced with much more resiliency to pesticides than non-GM crops, they reduce crop loss, which later leads to higher crop yield or crop production. GM crops aren’t only being modified to become resilient to pesticides, but also to adapt to extreme weather conditions that they wouldn’t normally withstand. The GM crops produce a chemical known as Bt Toxin, that kills any harmful insects, but will not affect the humans intaking the crop. (Anonymous, 2015) This is safer for humans that do constantly purchase GM products simply because the already built-in toxin requires less chemicals to make sure the items are healthy and harmless. Now, the GM crops are also being injected with genetics to help with-stand extreme weather conditions, again this helps with crop loss and production. Droughts and low-temperature can clearly make it difficult for a plant to be produced, but the genetic engineering of these organisms help them, not necessarily survive, last longer. Additionally, there is also a negative aspect on the genetic organisms that are perceived to be better.

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