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Updated: Oct 17, 2019
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Video games can cause people to do stupid things. Some show cannibalism. Games that show human organs and chopped up body parts. An example is Your Friend Pablo which is a video game that shows a butcher who kills and chops up his own workers and sells them to the public. These video games can cause violence. If you don’t believe this search it up on Youtube and there will be many videos about it.

Some video games teach you violence. There are games that are so addictive it makes the player do stupid things that most of the time don’t end up well. It is really rare to see it, but you sometimes see kids getting arrested for committing a crime on the news. Some of these arrests are caused by video games. These video games do not just cause trouble for the kids committing the crime, but it also affects the parents’ lives if they have to pay for something or have to bear with there kids in jail. These video games do not cause violence but teach you some pretty horrifying things like cannibalism and torture. Parents try to stop this by blocking games and deleting them which sometimes works, but most parents fail. Some video games are so addictive and popular that they are argued if their good for kids on which makes kids want to try these games. For example, some people are total idiots and think every game is bad, but no one listens to them or agrees to them.

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Some video games can also have a positive effect on kids and teach them a life lesson. The video games that teach life lesson aren’t bad, but so much of the older kids still play harsh games. Sometimes when parents only let their kids play appropriate games the kids go crazy and tell their parents that everyone else is playing these games. If you ever have a parent that doesn’t care what the kid does, that parent will regret it later in life. Sometimes when people watch the news you might see someone talking about bad video games that influence violence, like Call of Duty, GTA 5, and for some reason Fortnite. Many parents have tried to sue these video game companies because they are changing their kids in a negative way and these kids are doing bad things which could lead to an addiction. Whenever people do this they always end up losing. Most of the video games are so addicting that they affect a kids life in a bad way. Most of these video games allow a person to buy stuff. In Fortnite, it allows the player to buy in-game money called v-bucks which allows you to buy items which are in the Fortnite shop. This in-game money cost real money which will tempt you to steal your parents’ money and get into trouble.

There are many ways video games can damage your future or even ruin it. When someone is addicted to video games it makes you never want to stop. It is common to tell your parents you don’t have homework or a test coming up. This usually ends up with detention for not doing your homework and failing the test you had to study for. These grades go on your permanent record and that will lead you to have to go to community college or not getting in college at all. If this happens you will probably end up sleeping in your parents’ house and if they don’t let you, you might end up being homeless and sleeping on the street begging for money. This happens to lots of homeless people, but if you get the money don’t do something stupid with it. This is what video games can do to you and your future.

Even though kids are doing bad stuff and committing crimes because they see it on a video game, some kids learn from video games. No one exactly knows if video games are bad for you or good for you, some people just don’t care. Everyone says video games are the cause kids to do bad things, but it is actually the parents not monitoring their kids or making sure they don’t see something on a video game that will influence them to do bad things. All you have to do is find a way to control your kid. The outcome of doing this will change your kid or whoever id paling them.

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