Understanding Gun Violence

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Understanding Gun Violence

This essay delves deeper into the nuances of gun violence, understanding its patterns, the sociological and psychological underpinnings, and how policy and societal interventions can work towards a safer environment. Also at PapersOwl you can find more free essay examples related to Gun topic.

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Almost each and every other year there gets to be cases and more cases related to gun violence where from one point one gets to hear about some suicide by gun, some forceful assaults, some kind of accidental occurrences with a gun and many more. With the unending rising cases linked to the same, there still is quite a lot to be looked at especially when trying to cover the same situation and be able to make sure that one can be able to understand the exact how and why and what of the gun violence (Andres and Katherine).

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This is in the sense that, an exploration of the statistics of gun ownership, the perils involved and the entire position especially the one put in jeopardy with possession of firearms. It is because of the need to understand all these and much more that there is a dire need to have a deeper insight into the same thorough research and in-depth viewing of possible angles.

In as much as many gun owners do defend their right of ownership with the need to maintain their own security, there has to be the other side of the coin where the risks and the probable actions linked to ownership of the same can be looked at. In fact, it is believed that ownership of a gun poses more risk to the owner rather than the assailant four times compared to ten (Andres and Katherine). This, therefore, means that by having a firearm in one’s possession, the person also exposes himself and his family to more risk just as equal as he believes to be protecting them from an assailant. In a number of countries, owning a firearm is legal and accepted by most people. The United States, for example, have the same law in most of its states. However, in these same countries, there comes a large number of gun violence related incidences according to statistics done.

Gunpolicy.org has had a statistic done that shows that over seventy-five per cent of the world’s guns is owned by civilians. By this toll, this means that the same percentage has been exposed to the gun violence risk. Furthermore, with most of these guns having been kept in homes and in more accessible areas, there are a lot of more risks that are brought out, for example, suicide and many more. In the United States alone, the risk figure of suicide and firearms ownership has been proven by the percentage at which the gun owning people have admitted to being easily tempted to commit suicide compared to those who do not own the same (Miller). This, therefore, does bring out the risk involved with owning the same. As if that is not enough, there is also another risk of homicide involved with firearm ownership. This is brought out through the intention of a person to cause hurt or death due to a number of compelling reasons such as anger. By owning a gun, being a victim to homicide is more susceptible since that gives an attacker an easier way to assault one and engage in his or her intended actions (Brent).

Crimes of passion are also highly linked to gun ownership especially in the United States through the approach of domestic violence. In a home where a firearm is present, there is a more likely chance for the people especially when there arises disagreements and misunderstanding to resort to making use of the firearm especially because of anger or any other more compelling reason. According to psychology, in times of anger and desperation, one is usually barred from clear thinking and hence the chance at making rational choices is highly increased. Most foul murders committed due to infidelity and relationship wrangles have been mainly brought out to have made use of available weapons and therefore, as such, the fact that in these homes, firearms may be available also makes it an easier target for weapon use. From the given perils, there is a clear distinction as to how the usage of the same can be rather problematic and much more of a risk rather than an aid as intended.

As if that is not enough, there also is the unintended violence use of firearms that is mostly perceived to be accidental. For some people, the at times find themselves in a line of fire and in the process, get themselves hurt. This is another kind of gun-related violence as even though the same was not intended, it ended up making a lot of damage on a person. For example, in a shootout between the police and robbers, an innocent pedestrian might be shot at and receive a bullet (Cook). This is a good example of how the use of firearms can also affect those who might not be directly connected to the same in one way or the other. With gun violence being a subject of discussion and many interested parties taking a key interest of the same, there usually are endless debates on whether legal ownership of the same is effective enough or whether the use of the same can be more of a problem rather than a problem solver (Andres and Katherine). In fact, the cost taken in relation to gun-related violence is at a toll high with a lot of money being spent in order to be able to cater for the risks placed in connection to gun violence in terms of the psychological trauma, deaths involved and even the economic perils twined to the same (Cook).

Gun violence being a pertinent issue and there being existent features linked to the same has brought out a lot of jitters to many because of the effects and the unending cases linked to the same. Statistics show that there are a lot of connected incidences that have close links to firearms possession and the final cost brought out to the same has a lot of effect not only to the victims but also to the people close to them and the people who have to play a role in the legislative process linked to gun laws. Through this research, a lot of statistics have been brought out and a number of approaches put into use in order for them to be able to clearly highlight the real picture connected to gun violence in every available aspect.

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