Students Protest and Addresses Gun Violence

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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A schools’ biggest fear is having a shooter come onto campus. There has been so many incidents on the news that people are trying to find solutions for this issue. Students need to feel safe while they are learning. I have found three articles of school shootings that go into detail about what took place on those days. Each author has had an interesting stand-point about what should happen next. In this paper, i will be comparing the authors perspective and thoughts on school shootings and how these shootings have impacted their beliefs.

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In the article “”Teen charged in fatal shooting appears in court”” by Tom Foreman, a ninth grade boy was accused of a fatal shooting. He appears before a judge, his defender asked for a low bond and permission to stay with his mom while awaiting for trial. I learned after reading this article that people were outraged because of his actions and getting treated like the incident hadn’t taken place. While the judge was naming his charges, he showed no emotion during the trial. People then saw his true colors of this tragedy he put on Butler High School. The judge received so much criticism that day. It came down to him to say he will discuss the issue on a different trial date of November 8th. His first hearing lasted around 10 minutes and little after that he was returned to jail, where he is being held without bond.

On the other hand, “”Gunman attacks at Santa Fe High School”” by Dow Jones, ten people were killed and others were wounded in the Houston Area school shooting. Parents waited outside the doors to be reunited with their kids following the shooting. I learned after reading this article the emergency crew gathered around the school to await the students to come outside. But also this deadly shooting wasn’t just the first one to happen, it was the ninth deadly shooting incident of 2018 on schools grounds, including other colleges, according to Gun Safety, a organization that advocates stricter gun laws.

Finally, “”Students protest and addresses gun violence”” by Kibler Lizzie, students stood outside of the Student Union with targets on their back that symbolizes awareness and solidarity. This was a silent protest that was a newly made organization named The Students for Social Change. People also thought it was difficult seeing students with targets on their back, which was nothing but courage, as the teachers stood outside watching it all happen. The community showed all type of emotion during this protest. They believed that this was a great way to get the ball rolling for the media to come in and really see that the students are ready for action.

These authors told the stories that will haunt these schools forever. These are the schools that want to be heard the most about their safety and that was the authors goals in telling these stories. Out of all three stories, the first article was the strongest. It gave more detail to the story and was the actual court case of that injustice. This topic is important because of the impact it has on the children, families, and faculty. The schools are suppose to be a safe environment for students so these stories need to continue to be told and studied.

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