Gun Violence in America

Written by: Prof. Aria
Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Gun Violence in America

A broad overview of the issue of gun violence in America, discussing its historical roots, current state, and the multifaceted challenges in addressing a deeply entrenched societal problem. PapersOwl offers a variety of free essay examples on the topic of America topic.

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The issue of gun violence has attracted a heated debate in the US. With time, people have advanced significantly in gun availability and the power to buy military-style firearms, which has led to more likelihood of criminals getting guns that they can use for mass destruction. Yet, burning gun ownership can be a significant issue since most civilians who buy firearms do so to ensure their protection and safety. Many supporters of gun ownership postulate that firearms do not kill, but individuals do, implying that firearms cannot pull the trigger themselves.

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Although firearms can offer self-defense capability, the government ought to control individuals who can buy them because individuals who are prohibited from having guns may engage in mass shootings, while the purchasers who buy the guns privately in the country do not have to be subjected to a background check prior to having or possessing the weapon. A lot of people exploit the right to use firearms and manipulate this tool ridiculously. Numerous people have lost their lives due to individuals that can obtain guns illegally or legally. The majority of crimes are committed with firearms, as shown by the 2016 statistics that about 58,188 crimes can be attributed to gun violence. Hence, this is a part of the reason why society needs to take care of who owns firearms as well as who buys them. An extensive gap exists between individuals who own gun rights as well as gun control in relation to political participation. According to the Second Amendment, Americans can own and have firearms.

The discussion majority of people are engaged in involves the fact that if there are gun restriction laws, they have more in regard to the Second Amendment doctrine. Stricter gun restrictions mean that a person could perceive that this could minimize gun-related crimes. New research has shown that gun violence is still a significant problem among the electorates. Accessibility of firearms is the most pressing problem that relates to the individual who is committing crimes. Incidents such as ultra-violent masculinity can heighten and result in consequences like violence. The continuous common culture and power of the media, as well as its relation to technology, society, and education, illustrates the extent of these tragic incidents.

One way to reduce gun violence involves having more background checks and certifications for individuals who seek to have gun licenses and purchase a firearm. Another example involves the increase in the age of gun ownership. In the political sphere, the Republicans and Democrats seem to have no desire to address the issue, which was a significant issue throughout Obama’s administration. According to Lawrence William Sherman’s views on the issue, society does not have certain things, but there are ways we can utilize the current research to minimize gun violence. Also, he argues about the possible ways it is to come up with new legislation and to carry out more studies, which is desperately required. Although there are approaches where experiments can be carried out in law enforcement without more legislation, there are possibly no legislative suggestions that are sufficiently tried without having new laws. Also, Sherman asserts that we may witness state governors or legislators back the idea of firearm control and maybe pass a law (Sherman 13). Yet, having such new legislation would result in uproar and speculation by the individuals who support the right to bear guns.

Gun violence is a problem that should be addressed by new legislation, starting with the buying of firearms. According to Harold Polack, a Social Service Administration and Public Health Sciences professor at the University of Chicago, a basic issue for gun policy involves whether to emphasize the riskiest weapons or the individuals who present the biggest danger. He suggests that, in various ways, we should focus on both (Pollack). The various factors he proposes we examine regarding firearm policy to emphasize the riskiest firearms or individuals who also present a higher risk. Also, he generally proposes various theories we may examine to help minimize gun violence as well as avert many related deaths. Rightly comprehending the part of firearms and firearm culture in the widespread school shootings needs people to take seriously the importance of some firearm control as well as enhancing legislation relating to firearms access.

A major solution would most likely be doing background checks on individuals as well as using more particular tests for them to have permission to carry as well as be certified. One way we can begin is in case the authorities begin fingerprinting everybody who buys a firearm if they are qualified. In an interview, Kellner asserts that up until we adopt new ideas of what it implies to be a man, including independence, intelligence, sensitivity, as well as the rejecting violence and bullying, violence in society will certainly upsurge (Wyer). Also, the government can start making civilians certified to buy guns as well as ammunition. Individuals must always have their licenses on them so that they can produce them whenever they are asked to do so.

The choice of gun control will always exist. The majority of individuals have to comprehend that even if individuals will attempt and pressure the government regarding gun control as well as saying immaterial things, firearms will at all times be accessible no matter what. In case of gun control is adopted, everybody with a firearm will start concealing or selling them illegally. Everybody is embroiled in a debate on whether or not to have gun control. There are numerous reasons for not having gun control and having it. Gun control should not be adopted since it will not accomplish anything different to crime incidences other than increase them.

Cook emphasizes the differences methodologically, including the way they overestimate very fundamental facts associated with the insights into firearm use as well as how individuals misuse them. He also illustrates in another study how research in firearm-related violence has changed over the years, which is supported by his observations as well as the interpretation of his contributions. The study starts by summarizing the history of gun control in the 20th century US. Delving into this text, a clear inference supported by my research that dates back to the 1970s can be generally termed as more forearms leading to more homicide (Cook 21). Also, Cook explains why it is important to the kind of weapon an individual user carries out crime and the ownership cost associated with private guns. He then emphasizes the differences in methodology and the way they overstate very fundamental facts associated with the insights into gun use as well as misuse. Over the years, incarceration rates, as well as harsher punishments, have started to rise, and this allows for reducing gun violence rates.

Gun violence in the US is a countrywide issue that society seems to overlook. A lot of people exploit the use of firearms and manipulate their use with hardly any thought. Numerous lives have been lost due to individuals who can get guns legally or illegally. The majority of the crimes are carried out using guns, as shown in the 2016 statistics that around 58,188 crimes were a result of firearms. This is a major reason for wanting to watch out for individuals who own guns and who buy them. An extensive gap exists between individuals who preside over gun control and rights in relation to political debate or participation. According to the Second Amendment, Americans can keep as well as bear arms.

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