Tobacco Products the Harm to Humans and Nature

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Recently, scientists have discovered many usages of tobacco in medical field. We could not deny the advantages that tobacco products bring to us. However, the consumption of tobacco products clearly caused some extreme troubles. Products from tobacco (such as: cigarette, tobacco chewing gum, cigar, beedi, kretek…) are widely consumed. The active and passive smokers, after many years, have been diagnosed with many kinds of cancers, for example: lung, breast, esophagus, mouth, and colon cancer. The smokers also suffer from a lot of respiratory diseases.

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Those disease could take years to realized, however, one unattended cigar or cigarette will make some huge troubles that can be seen immediately. Many people have their whole houses burning on fire just by a tiny cigarette which left unnoticed. Worse, some hunters, while waiting for their prey, was using tobacco products and throwing them carelessly. The single cigarette could start a fire, destroy thousands and thousands hecta of forests. The world have seen too much strategic problems. This is the time for the governments to ban and make tobacco products illegal since they cause cancers to smokers, harm to second hand smokers and burn out so many precious nature forests.

First of all, tobacco products have been proved to cause deadly cancers. After ten to tweenty years of using tobacco products, consummers will have some signs of bad health that can be clearly seen such as: yellowed teeths, long and hard coughing, weight losing, pale skins. According to Mahapatra, “Although tobacco deaths rarely make headlines, tobacco kills one person every six seconds. Tobacco kills a third to half of all people who use it, on average 15 years prematurely” (Mahapatra page). People who smoke will not see the consequences immediately. It will take years for them to relize. When they come to the III stage and IV stage of cancer, they might stop smoking. However, that is too late. Tobacco products have already destroyed some organs. The tumors keep growing and growing. Some of the most common types of cancer causing by tobacco products are: lung, esophagus, mouth, and pharyn cancer. Smita Asthana points out: “1 in 27 of developing esophageal cancer, 1 in 67 for cancer of lungs and hypopharynx, followed by 1 in 143 for both mouth and tongue cancers. Females also had the highest risk of esophagus and lungs (1 in 63 female) and cancer of mouth (1 in 250) in Northeast region.” (Asthana Page). Scientists have done many researches on all smokeless types of tobacco products. Finally, they came to the conclusion that those products also caused cancer. Jayalekshmi says that “daily frequency of tobacco chewing was strongly related to oral cancer incidence among women, and the risk among women chewing tobacco 10 times or more a day was 9.2-fold higher than that of non-tobacco chewers” (Jayalekshmi 850). Tobacco products, include smoking and smokeless types, cause such many types of cancer. Therefore, they should be banned and made illegal to reduce the consumption, as well as reduce the influencies of them.

Secondly, tobacco products are harmful to passive smokers. Passive smokers, also known as second hand smokers, have suffered the same pains as the active smokers. In China, they smoke freely everywhere and women is doubted to inhale the smoke not only from their husbands at home, but also from their colleagues at work. Sadly, Li Bin says “Passive smoking was associated with an increased risk of breast cancer among non-smoking Chinese women. A stronger positive association with breast cancer risk was seen mainly among postmenopausal women” (Li page). Many researches have proved that passive smokers are in extremely dangerous situation. Women whose husband smokes is likely to develop very high rate of breast and lung cancer. Zakkouri and Fatima Az-zahra did a research onMorroco women and concluded that “The majority Moroccan women affected by lung cancer have never smoked (75 %)” (Zakkouri, Fatima page). Pregnant women tend to have misscarriage, give birth to low weight babies. The babies born from passive smoking mother usually have brain damage, respiratory problems. Secondhand smoking affects to young children as well. Children’s organs are not fully developed as our body. Inhaling smoke with thousand chemicals would leave serious impacts on their health such as: asthma, cough, ear infection, lung infection. Children do not have ability to realize what is going around them. They do not have ability to stay away from smokers and protect themselves. Smoking near children is unethical. Not only did smokers harm themselves, but also they harm to other innocent people around them. A lot of scientific researches have proved that second hand smoker even suffered, and be seriously damaged more than the active smokers. That is why tobacco products should be banned and made illegal.

Lastly, thousand and thousand hectares of forest land had been burn by fires which was started by a single unattended cigarette or cigar. Forest is a habitat to many kinds of animals. The loss of forest land might be a big trouble to our environment. The animals losing their home will come closer to humans and will be killed by them. There are some kinds of endangered animal that should be placed in their natural living environment such as: tiger, rhino, elephant. Besides, we also need forests to protect us from flood. Therefore, forest land losses will have extremely bad effects on our lives and other animal lives. According to Henry Samuel and Andrea Vogt, “A discarded cigarette butt is believed to have caused a massive forest fire that destroyed 800 hectares of land in the south of France at the weekend, as dry conditions see blazes across southern Europe” (Samuel, Andrea). To stop these incidents, the government should ban tobacco products and the use of them in the forests. The hunters who go hunting and smoke in the forest should be heavily fined. We could not let them destroy more precious forests.

However, there will not be easy for the government to stop the use of tobacco products. Some restaurants did not allowed their customers to smoke insides. Laters, they had lost a lot regular customers then the owers decided to let customers smoke again. Smokers could not stop smoking. Some people claim that they could not focus on their works or studies studies without tobacco products. Some say that their emotions depend on those products. Clearly, we can see that a large number of people are depending on tobacco products. They are addicted to nicotine because of the good feeling of using it. So many people tried to quit smoking; however, they soon experienced depression, anxiety and irritation. Tobacco is also used as medicine. In Asias, people claim that tobacco can stop bleeding. They tear a cigarette, then apply to an open bleeding wound.

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