Theme of Betrayal in the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

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Updated: Jun 28, 2022
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Firstly I would like to start by explaining what the difference between pashtuns and hazaras are in the book The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini’s in afrighanistan there are two different races and ethnics groups. The first group are called pashtuns and they are known for being the sunni mislims, they are also known for being rich, strong, and having a higher class than any hazaras. On the other hand there are the hazaras who are looked down upon, they are shi’a muslims, and at last Hazaras are seen as the weakest and poorest then any other race in Afghanistan.

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The book kite runner is about a story of two boys Amir a pashtun and Hassan a hazara who grow up together under the same household despite being from two different social class, race, and ethnic. Amir the main character whose life revolves around the book was the son of a wealthy Sunni Pashtun man who was prominent.

Meanwhile Hassan is the son of the servant of Amir’s father. Being a pashtun puts Amir about Hassan which casuse Amir to be in position as a master and to have control over Hassan. In the book Amir lets Assaf another pashtun boy brutally cruel and arrogant boy who oftentorments children with his power and authority but mostly to hazars rape Hassan for his own selfish reason of having his fathers attention and approvel so he can take the prize kite to Baba. “mice-eating, flat-nosed, load carrying donkeys’’ are insults and stereotypes referred to hazards, throughout the book I also notice that Racial Discrimination happens in the book often for example hazaras are illiterate they don’t know how to read and write do to the fact they are denaind of there right to attend school and grow up to be only sevents and nothing more, while pashtuns allowed to go to school and continue their education only if they have the right amount of money to help them continue there education. Amir in the book reads stories and poem to hassan and sometimes takes advantage of kowlage to make Hassan feel stupid. Hassan is seen in book as a loyal servant to Amir he does any and everything Amir tells him.

I belive that the racial discrimination between pashtuns and hazaras mostly effects hazaras becasue it teachs them that they are nothing and that no matter what they do or say they well always be nothing more then sevents to a pashtun. When hassan was getting raped he made no movement nor a noise because he knew who he was and where he stands in life, even after the incident hassan pretended like nothing happened and got back up then went to give amir the kite and went on about his life. To me that scene

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