The Kite Runner Loyalty

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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When choices become critical, make no mistake, one wrong move and everything will come tumbling down. Hassan, the protagonists’ servant in Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, is a Hazara boy living in Afghanistan as a servant to his best friend Amir when a traumatizing event causes him to change. Mazikeen, the main character’s ally in the Hulu series Lucifer, is a demon who holds the form of a young woman and the best friend of Lucifer and works alongside him at the Lux nightclub in LA when situations begin to change Lucifer and so does she.

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Though Hassan attempts to make no mistakes when it came to Amir, while Mazikeen did what she thought was right regardless of how many times Lucifer deceived her, they both show that loyalty comes above all else.

The many mistakes Hassan and Mazikeen witnessed were limitless, but with every mistake Amir and Lucifer made, Hassan and Mazikeen began to seek help from others. Mazikeen’s greatest strength is her merciless and rather sadistic composure. She preferred her position in Hell, becoming bored of Earth and what Lucifer found fascinating about humans, she started speaking with Amenadielbehind Lucifer’s back in order to make him go back to Hell. Despite this, Mazikeen is “[is] with [him], Lucifer, from now until the end” (Gaiman) because she will forever be loyal to Lucifer and whatever decisions he makes. Lucifer left Hell and Mazikeen left alongside him and always nagging him for his well-being. Similar to Mazikeen’s actions towards Lucifer, Hassan followed Amir wherever whenever and would do anything for him. Hassan’s admiration for Amir was limitless, he would do anything “for [him] a thousand times over” (Hosseini 59). Even if it meant getting raped. When Hassan ran for the kite, he ran because it was the “key to Baba’s heart”(Hosseini 71) for Amir. He follows Amir because Amir is his best friend who is also like a brother, but Hassan is actually Amir’s servant and is never seen as Amir’s equal but as someone below him. Both stories show the irony that while each character’s intention was loyalty, that same loyalty was what made them change.

While both Hassan and Mazikeen are able to ignore the effects of Amir and Lucifers actions, they also have the ability to help them while they hide in the shadows. Hassan and Mazikeen don’t think they are too loyal to Amir and Lucifer but by thinking this, it causes them to be their downfall. Hassan accepts his punishment, getting raped, for being a good friend and servant to Amir and getting him the blue kite. Mazikeen does as Lucifer instructs and cuts off his wings for him as well as go against her love interest, Amenadiel. Although Hassan later gets accused of stealing from Amir, after he planted the watch and bunch of money in Hassan’s mattress, he still covers for Amir and tells Baba that he did steal. While Mazikeen acts in the shadows and helps out Lucifer without him knowing to keep him safe and convince him to go back to Hell. These sacrifices that they both have made shows how “[thye’re] a team”(Gaiman) regardless of how many times Hassan and Mazikeen get betrayed.

Betrayal usually causes others to be repelled and in other cases harmed. Through thick and thin, the kind of person who stands behind those who continue to betray others make mistakes are represented thoroughly by Hassan and Mazikeen. These are the kind of people who forgive, forget and keep helping in the shadows.

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