The Sociology of Racism

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Updated: Apr 12, 2022
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Throughout all the chapters, we have learned a lot about sociological theories. We learned that Sociology is the study of groups and how they interact throughout society. This final paper will touch on all topics throughout this course. For example, is Globalization a danger to local Cultures? We know that globalization is the integration of governments and cultures through international trade, but how does trade affect a culture. Several other topics will be talked about such as immigration and emigration, minorities, and a couple more.

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Poverty levels in Ethiopia and the United States are two entirely different situations. They are different because both of the countries governments are set up very differently. Ethiopia, being a third world country, could never have a poverty that is even close in comparison to poverty in the U.S which is a first world country. Artisticssarahblog says “Comparing a family that lives in a grass hut in Ethiopia to an American family living in a trailer home is hardly similar on a global stratification level”. We know that global stratification highlights worldwide patterns of social inequality, but the inequalities in an Ethiopian grass hut out way the problems in a U.S trailer park. In a trailer park in the United States, a family will likely have access to electricity and clean water. The family would also have to be on a fixed income because someone in the family has to pay for the rent. The American family seems to be living a lot better than an Ethiopian family, who would have to struggle to find clean water and food for their family on a daily basis. On the other hand, each live together as a family and within a community, surrounded by other families that go through the same struggles as them.

A minority group “any group of people who, because of their physical or cultural characteristics, are singled out from the others in the society in which they live for differential and unequal treatment, and who therefore regard themselves as objects of collective discrimination.” according to the book. Now a subordinate could also be called the minority because they have less power or control compared to the dominant group. Though the two words have similar meanings, they both are used for different situations. Minority is now used as a term for racial reasons, being that a minority group is considered to black people or Hispanics. On, a blogger by the name of hippiejustice stated that minority “…is more connected with discrimination or racism with its most recognizable root being minor meaning less than or small”. It makes sense that Minority is more used in today’s world, because when we take a look at the people who consider themselves minorities (black and Hispanic people) they are the people who claim to have a smaller voice and are seeking for equal power.

Amalgamation is the process, action, or result of combining or uniting. I think the immigration laws should adopt this method so there can be a better understanding within the people. When we look at how President Trump views immigrants, you can see the prejudices that take place while making these laws. This is why American immigration lean to a more assimilation approach because when immigrants come to America they are already labeled as different and it is hard for them to adapt. This is how stereotypes come into play. With an amalgamation approach, stereotypes and prejudices is not an issue because everyone comes together and learn from each other’s culture. This way everyone is set up to succeed.

Immigration and emigration is something that I have been witnessing my whole life. Growing up in Baltimore County, I have seen numerous of different ethnicities during my years of walking these streets. Immigration has certainly had an effect on where white people live in Baltimore County. Before I was born, the town that I live in (Owings Mills) was a majority white community. Even when I was born Owings Mills was majority white, but now that African Americans and people of Indian descent has moved in town the number of Caucasian people has lowered. It seems as if white people still like to be separated from other races.

If the percentage of Asian Americans in Congress is far below the percentage of Asian Americans in the United States, that does not mean Asian lack political power. An article in Los Angeles times says ‘Asian American registered voters are the least likely to be contacted by political parties,’ meaning they are not getting reached out too. This is mainly because of language barriers in the community. There has been a change in Orange County, California when the local GOP created mailings in several languages, and a few years later South Korean-born Young Kim and Taiwanese-born Ling Ling Chang won seats in the state Assembly. Several others were voted into State Senate positions.

Racism and prejudices is a big factor in health disparities between racial and gender groups. Racism brings social stress, social disorder, and it brings poverty because of the segregation between races. For example, an examination of the 171 largest U.S. cities found that the worst urban context in which white individuals lived was better than the average context of black neighborhoods. These differences are what causes the crime rates in African American communities to rise.

The globalization of the generation and circulation of merchandise and ventures is an appreciated improvement for some individuals in that it offers them access to items that they would not generally have. Be that as it may, some are worried that the progressions realized by globalization debilitate the practicality of privately made items and the general population who deliver them. For instance, the new accessibility of outside sustenance’s in a market—frequently at less expensive costs—can dislodge neighborhood agriculturists who have customarily earned a living by working their little plots of family-claimed land and offering their products locally. Globalization, obviously, accomplishes more than just increment the accessibility of outside made customer items and upset conventional makers. It is additionally expanding universal exchange social items and administrations, for example, films, music, and productions. The development of exchange social items is expanding the presentation of all social orders to outside societies. What’s more, the presentation to remote social products every now and again achieves changes in nearby societies, qualities, and customs. In spite of the fact that there is no accord on the outcomes of globalization on national societies, numerous individuals trust that a people’s presentation to outside culture can undermine their own particular social character.

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