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Smartphones have revolutionized how humans interact with others around the world. Apple has dominated the smartphone industry since the release of their inaugural iPhone in 2007. 10 years have passed and Apple has released over 15 variations of the original iPhone, their most recent being the revolutionary iPhone X. The iPhone X features a vivid OLED display, a sleek exterior, dual camera system, and even facial recognition. The iPhone X has raised the bar for smartphones to come; from its sleek new exterior, to its revolutionary tech specs.

The iPhone X showcases Apple’s sleekest smartphone to date. It features glass on both the front and back, stainless steel edges, no headphone jack, and a familiar rounded shape. The 5.8 true OLED display comes close to a corner to corner display (iPhone X Tech Specs). The thin bezel means that the iPhone X is not much larger than its predecessor, the iPhone 8. Apple has simply succeeded in squeezing an iPhone Plus model into a smaller form. The new display features rich and vibrant color thanks to the new OLED display. For a bit of perspective, the iPhone X has over 21 times the resolution from the original iPhone. In comparison to all the common LED displays from previous models, OLED offers more vibrant and brighter colors in what Apple likes to refer to as “Super Retina Display”.

The iPhone X took the crown for best iPhone camera to date, previously held by the iPhone 8. Pictures look utterly fantastic thanks to the phone’s dual camera system. Apple has introduced a brand new image signal processor that is capable of easily detecting elements such as people, motion, and lighting conditions much quicker. In theory, the phone optimizes images before they are even taken. The phone incorporates the use of sensors, algorithms and processors to aid smart High Dynamic Range (HDR) to produce incredibly vivid photos. The camera also features an adjustable depth of field which allows the user to manually adjust the depth of field to blur the background as much or as little as they want. As for videos, the iPhone X shoots the highest quality video of any smartphone. With better low light performance, extended dynamic range, and true 4k recording, the phone’s camera effectively captures video in a crisp and smooth manner. When comparing the iPhone X’s camera to competing models, it is difficult to identify a legitimate competitor.

The design is accentuated by several small yet very welcoming hardware and software specs. Apple’s A11 bionic chip offers superior responsiveness from the device and is 25% faster than its predecessor, the A10 processor (iPhone X Tech Specs). It also has four efficiency cores which allows the device to use substantially less power. The A11 chip uses real time machine learning to transform the way one experiences photos, videos, gaming, streaming and more. As for battery life, iPhone X did not skimp on this feature either. From personal experience, using the phone for a weekly average of 6 hours a day, the Iphone X can easily run uninterrupted all day.

Face ID is a revolutionary feature that has been introduced with the iPhone X. Apple has removed the all common home button on this model, which allows for face ID to be a primary source for unlocking the device. Face ID works by projecting over 30,000 invisible points in order to create a depth map of the human face (iPhone X Tech Specs). An infrared camera then reads the dot pattern, captures an image and matches the image with the depth map saved on the phone all within a matter of seconds. When unlocking the phone, one simply looks at the screen, waits for the lock icon to go from closed to open, and you are good to go. What is amazing about Face ID is that it is also attention aware, meaning that it only scans if your eyes are focused on the device and not looking away. This not only improves intuitiveness but also provides a little added safely if someone tries to unlock your phone while you are asleep.

The iPhone X is an expensive, but beautiful luxury. Tech geek or not, consumers will absolutely love the iPhone X from its sleek design, rich display, to revolutionary face ID. While it may be at a much higher price point than most of its competitors, Apple has succeeded in delivering their best iPhone to date, setting the bar high for generations to come.

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