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What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? I’m sure most of you would respond with either hitting the snooze button a few times or checking your iPhone. In 2007 Steve Jobs released a device that would change our world forever. Now, in 2018 our iPhone went from a little pocket square size, to half the size of a small laptop screen. It is mind boggling to believe that over the course of 9 short years we have been given over 18 devices to shape our world into what it is today. As we know, technology is almost the basis of all human daily life and we use it almost every second we can. Without the evolution of this device, we probably would not be as advanced a society as we are today.


In June of 2007, Steve Jobs and his company Apple released a device that the world was completely appalled by. Who knew that instead of a corded home-phone, there would be a touch screen portable cell phone? With this release came much profit to Jobs and his company. Before the release of this phone, humans were accustomed to simple, dialing buttoned phones. Jobs idea swept the nation. The first iPhone, as we can see is just called simply by its name, “iPhone.” With this, came a new ability to tap the screen and navigate a cellular device. As well, this device had computer like abilities, in a portable form. Even though this shocked almost every single person who knew about it, Jobs had bigger fish to fry and had already begun investing in advancing on a second iPhone. This iPhone costed about 600 dollars for a 5 GB model. Still, iPhone costs are extremely high, but we began to get much more for our money storage-wise in future iPhones. The first iPhone was just the beginning of an era that not one person could predict its impact.

iPhone 3G

Almost a year later, in June of 2008 the successor to the iPhone 1 was made, named the iPhone 3G. Why was it called this? Well, have you ever been in a very spotty-connection Wi-Fi area while you’re driving in the car or maybe in an isolated location? Your cell phone is able to pick up a connection called 3G to keep the phone running while your cellular connection is down. Being equipped with 3G is one of the best things an iPhone can have because it basically makes the phone. Without the strongest signal, the phone would be dead weight when in a spotty area. Even further than this, the iPhone 3G came with new applications. An iTunes store to buy music and videos, an App Store to purchase games etc. and an app specifically designed for YouTube was given to the buyers of the new iPhone. It grew a little bit in width, but still had the same camera features. It is hard to believe that an iPhone has come from a small pocket-sized figure, to now what is almost the size of a grown man’s hand. The iPhone 3G cost about 160 dollars more than the original iPhone due to advanced features and better storage. You can probably assume that Jobs, was still not content with his invention and continued to modify…

iPhone 3GS

Jobs had a busy several years, as he released an iPhone about the same time in June every twelve months. The iPhone 3GS was something to talk about for many. This was only the beginning of Apple adding an “S” to the end of the name of each iPhone. Today we know other phones created by this company as the iPhone 5S, or the iPhone 6S. The “S” surprisingly stood for speed according to t3.com. It showed many internal improvements, not as many external physical improvements. Voice Control was added, not yet called Siri but basically had the same features. By holding down the home button on the bottom of the device, a sound wave would form detecting your voice and recognizing a question or statement to be answered by the programmed robot, placed inside the system. This iPhone was one of the least popular iPhone’s because it did not have many new visible traits other than its sleeker back, but more internal advancement capabilities such as the ones listed above. Although Jobs knew this was not ideal for his customers, internal advancements needed to be put in place before decoration. The other pro to this new addition was its pricing and storage. For almost one hundred dollars less, you got twice as much storage on your iPhone which was a big enticing factor for customers all over. This may seem like a lot, but we are still about 13 devices away from 2018’s most recent release.

iPhone 4

I am sure many iPhone fanatics would be wondering where all of the colored back-iPhones came in and the two-colored screen choice. Well, when Jobs got sick of the old iPhone 3 family, he sprang into the 4-family improving many different aspects of this iPhone. Colors were still not available, but there were several new features coming with this phone that had customers lining up around blocks. With a new, sleeker look the iPhone was a boxier shape and had silver sides with a modernized screen look. Out with the old, and in with the new was most likely one of Jobs favorite sayings as he was constantly reforming the look of the phone. The 3.5-inch display was kept the same, with only the difference of the pixel count, sharpening the quality of its features. As well, for all of the selfie lovers in our world, it was the first iPhone with a front-facing camera. With this addition came a small dot above the voice box on previous iPhones, which indeed was the camera. Costing about 200 dollars if you were “upgrade eligible” from a previous purchase, or 400 dollars if you had never purchased an iPhone before. From this moment on, the iPhone production rocketed.

iPhone 4S

Once again, we meet with the “S” version of the iPhone. For the third time, Jobs reformed the screen look as you unlock the phone with a nicer, new background and a sharper color scheme on each app. The camera got a very nice upgrade to an 8-megapixel screen, but this was not the best of this iPhone. Finally, you were able to choose between two colors. White and black. With this new variation, Apple gained even more customers. The other excellent advancement of this new item was its Siri robot system. By clicking on the home button, a voice activated robot could perform certain activities on the phone and basically act as a personal assistant. As you can tell, this was much appreciated by many business people!

iPhone 5 and 5C

The next two iPhone were very similar and released in the same lapse of time, therefore they are most always thought of as a pair. The iPhone 5 was a huge upgrade, with a taller screen and an extra row of apps! It had sturdier, more expensive casing and really was the “usher” in the modern iPhone era according to t3.com. Within a span of months later, one of the coolest iPhone was shown to the world, the iPhone 5C. Ranging from colors of pink, white, yellow, green, and blue this iPhone was one of the most popular! It was a cheaper phone, and did not come with as many advancements other than a Control Center for easier access to settings.

iPhone 5S

The last addition to the iPhone 5 family was the iPhone 5S. Released in 2013, it had a cooler, clean design making it look more expensive and modernized. One of my favorite iPhone features is the Touch ID which was first introduced with this phone! By going into the settings menu and placing your finger on the home button several times, a fingerprint was inputted into the system recognizing your finger each time you go to unlock your phone rather than typing in a passcode. This was a great way to lock up the phone a little safer with less fear of personal information being taken.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Although Jobs had passed a few years back, Apple and its workers wanted to continue Steve’s pride and joy by making amazing technology and sharing it with the world. The iPhone 6 was one of the larger iPhones with a screen size of 4.7. Adding to this, the new phone had a modernized background and a fan favorite—improved camera. As each iPhone was improved, the app display also changed with it. The 6 Plus was a very controversial iPhone in the respect that many either loved its size, or hated its size. If you didn’t already notice, the name Plus comes from its large screen of 5.5 inches. Almost one full inch larger than the regular iPhone 6!

iPhone 6S

In 2015, once again a white and black iPhone was released. It was almost identical to the iPhone 6 and didn’t spark much of a yearning in customers. It had slightly thicker sides and seemed to be heavier at the touch. As we know, its apps updated too as well as its background. With each passing year the iPhone seemed to feature something that no one would’ve ever imagine possible in such a small device.

iPhone SE

With a slightly different name, came the release of the iPhone SE in 2016. It looked just like the iPhone 5, but with more internal capabilities. It still had the same physical features of the iPhone 5 besides the coloring and design of its outside coating. It may not have been a favorite, but it certainly was an excellent touch to bring us back to the days of smaller phones!

iPhone 7

The iPhone I have right now, is probably one of my favorites and not just because its mine, but because the iPhone 7 has many features that totally blow the others away! The back of the iPhones now came in different colors of rose gold, gold, silver, and charcoal gray. With each color, came a different look which made the iPhone much more appealing! Upgrading from a 6 to a 7 I see a huge camera improvement along with the home button of the phone. Instead of pressing down completely, this phone is more sensor oriented and only pushes down slightly to get a fingerprint recognition.

iPhone X

Wow, we have come a long way. As competitive rivalry between the Samsung company and Apple raised higher, Apple felt obligated to change its look completely! Looking similar to a Samsung Galaxy, there was no longer a white or black covering around the screen, but a screen stretching from every side of the phone! Equipped with portrait mode, its camera was the best we have ever seen. The most important feature of this iPhone is probably its face recognition where you can hold the phone up to your face and unlock it so simply!

A journey through technology time. From 2007 to 2018 we have come quite some way. The iPhone I feel, can be looked at two ways. One way being that it is completely corrupting our society and the other being that technology is one of the biggest support systems we have ever had. Personally, I feel as though technology is our friend, and as we advance and change (because that is life) we take what we get, and we use it the best we can. “Stay hungry, Stay foolish” – Steve Jobs 1955-2011

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