The Popularity of Fast Food Festaurants in China

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Updated: May 03, 2022
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Today’s cities are fast-paced. Whether it’s senior white-collar workers or ordinary workers, the pace of work is very fast, and often the time for eating is very short, so eating fast food can save a lot of time, and will not waste a lot of time on the issue of eating, delaying work.

Fast food that has already been matched doesn’t need to worry about what to eat, but can be used immediately Meal is the topic, which can be said to be the first choice of meal.

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For ordinary workers, as long as they are satisfied with food and clothing, they don’t have to choose expensive dishes, while ordinary stir-fried dishes are more expensive, or other foods are expensive and often not enough to eat, so the price of fast food is about 10-15 Yuan, that is to say, it’s not expensive to eat.

Within a reasonable range of acceptance, people naturally like it? But fast food also has some shortcomings, its management level is low. Due to the lack of a good and distinct corporate image, this will lead to a higher level of management than the traditional catering level. Low efficiency.

Compared with Western fast food, Chinese fast food still has some disadvantages. Due to the simple production and different operation methods of Western fast food, the efficiency of Chinese fast food is relatively low. There is no unified standard management. Chinese fast food operators only pay attention to the appearance and taste of food and often ignore some service indicators. This is a common problem in China. Lack of chain operation experience. Chinese fast food is limited to local or provincial areas due to some reasons of its own, and there are few chain stores in China, let alone in the world. The Golden Eagle model of Chinese fast food has not been fully opened, and it is still in the situation of exploration and development.

Fast food culture can easily lead college students to blindly pursue the so-called bad idea of fashion. The vitality of fast food culture comes from its fashion, which has a fatal attraction to contemporary college students. With self-expression of thoughts and curiosity about new things, college students can easily infatuated with their favorite things, and enterprises can grasp college students’ mental, deepen their fascination with the hype and preferential treatment, and form a group of college students deeply involved in some unrealistic things, such as ‘star chaser’, ‘lovers’, ‘computer games, it will affect their study, such as family life, and even their health and safety.

Too much absorption of fast food culture is easy to causes college students’ one-sided understanding or even misunderstanding of some ideas. Fast food culture pursues convenience, fashion, and popularity, but neglects the understanding of the essence of the original things. For example, ‘big talk XX’ and other phenomena, while meeting the entertainment and interest of College Students’ cultural needs, have resulted in college students’ puzzlement, misunderstanding, and misinterpretation of the original works, which is only not conducive to the development of literature, but also makes college students not get real literary knowledge with connotation.

Nowadays fast food is very popular, young people like all kinds of fast food. But modern fast food is not healthy and convenient. We must have a balanced diet and eat fast food in moderation.

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