The Phenomenon of Honor Killings from Sociological Perspective

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Updated: Jul 05, 2022
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Family and Belief System


Honor crimes: An assault on women’s independence?

Family and Belief system – An assault on women’s independence?

Honor Crimes is the slaying of a relative, especially a girl or a woman, who is perceived to have conveyed disgrace to the family. Honor killing are also known as honor crimes which is extensively scattering around the globe, the cases expanse from India till Italy. A contemporary case of a Pakistani girl and Italian man slayed by the girl’s family was a contemporary headline in the newspaper of Italy.

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[footnoteRef:2] The obstruction faced by the people now days is their family and belief, especially the girls or women’s family putting burden on them to marry the boy of their family’s choice and of the same caste. The family pushes the girl to marry a boy which of their own caste or a superior caste, a modern case which took place in a village in Mysore, where the father killed his own daughter by forcefully shoving poison down her throat, for the reason that she wanted to marry a Dalit which was obnoxious for the society and the family. The aim of this research is to investigate the role of conflict in fraction in family and the study targets the areas giving rise to conflicts and their prime reasons for honor killing.

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Every girl, especially in rural areas has a responsibility to marry a wealthy and a high class man, to solve the family’s problem. If the girl neglects the family’s wishes and wants to marry a boy of her own preference the girl has to pay the price of falling in love. An outrageous case just happened less than a hundred kilometers away from Delhi where a 23-year-old boy and a 20 year old girl was brutally slayed to death, when the appealed to marry a boy of her own cast and sub cast which according to their belief made them brother and sister. Elderly people’s comments were astonishing as they said they would not allow young men and women to fall in love as this would ‘dilute their values’.[footnoteRef:4] Many rural areas don’t give women and girls the liberty to showcase themselves but in its place men treat them as there shadows and always keep them behind curtains. Nowadays, women are being a supplier of wealth into the family by marrying men they don’t even recognize for their family. But now day’s women have started to leave their family to marry the men they like against their wishes but trusting them by approaching those leads to their own forfeiture.

Not only elders are fragments of this but also young ones which are being a portion of this crime by seeing their elders. A upcoming case in north east Delhi, where a 18-year-old boy shoots his brother in – law for the reason that the family was against the marriage of her sister. The sister was in contact with the her brother when her family cut all relationship’s with her and so the boy filled with anger shot his brother in law but couldn’t kill his sister.[footnoteRef:5]

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Honor killings has become a global phenomenon; all around the world especially in south Asia, girls and women are being frightened of this phenomenon. The laws made in these countries are so well established that the people cannot even assume to think out of the box. The society makes a fixed mindset around these crucial topics that they don’t even let the new generation change this mindset nevertheless they have to live with this idea or mindset to prevent themselves from this holocaust. Even with the world moving ahead, these societies are reversing to the traditional mindset. “People are so attached to the practice of traditional and cultural values that it has increased violence against women. The cases of honor killing are escalating due to ignorance.”[footnoteRef:6] People are getting so attached with these traditions that this hazard is intensifying for women and girls in the society.

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These crimes are aggregating because of ignorance by the people and the society. Societal awareness is very important to confiscate ignorance from the society. “The motives of honor killing are swelling because of extra marital affairs, refusing family decision and act against it, raising voice against cultural traditions.”[footnoteRef:7] These whereabouts will keep intensifying as the new generations getting more exposure to the outside world; will bring them to revolt against their own traditions and practices and they will start considering to think out of the box; making their elders do something which a counter to their wishes, the outside world and the laws.

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