The Negative Impact of Technology on People

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The article is by Chad A. Krueger from AAOS Now. The author explains the issues of technology and its problems when it comes to learning and education. While one can understand the distractions of a smartphone, this article brings into attention what the problems are that technology is not making humans smarter, can only causes distractions in the classroom and also outside classrooms when you are still trying to engage in learning. I intend to use this source because of how much I know that smartphones affect people’s lives now and possibly would contain information on how technology is making people dumber.

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Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Accessed 4 Oct. 2018. This article was published in Public Library of Science by Plos ONE. The author of this article, Amanda Gamble a Marketing Consultant study focused on how technology affects users sleep pattern. It is important to keep away from device lighting screens that may keep us stay late and mess our sleep cycle. It is also explained what type of things can be affected and the causes of sleep loss, and how it can be associated with heart attacks, obesity and high blood pressure. People are increasingly difficult to get them to go to bed on time because technology make it harder to drop off to sleep. I use this source in my research because the article provided me with a good information of technology’s impact on sleep.

The article is by David Scott from International Journal of Mental Health & Addiction. The study focused particularly on society’s use of technology such as the Internet, smartphones, and other devices and its apparent effects on people’s mental health. The authors discuss the technology used have changed our every way of how we communicate and socialize with friend and family. I intend to use this source because this article explains the more harmful side of technology and negative effects it has on people today.

The author of this article, Maddy French is a writer for the Daily Universe of the Brigham Young University. In this article she analyzes the negative social effects of technology on children. The authors discuss the negative consequences are need for stress from staring at the screen of technological devices, instant gratification, and risk of depression. I used this source in my research because is interesting information or helpful for my essay. 

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