The Meanings Behind Erotic Dreams

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Updated: Jun 17, 2021
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The Meanings Behind Erotic Dreams essay

“Experiencing sexual fantasies and urges is a normal and healthy part of life. Both men and women will experience sexual fantasies throughout the day, but some people fantasize about sex more often than others. Having sexual fantasies doesn’t stop when a person goes to bed either. During most people’s lifetimes, people will experience some type of sexual dream while sleeping. Sexual dreams could possibly provide a lot of information about a person’s sexual desires. Psychologists are currently looking at all the possible relationships between sexual dreams and a person’s sexual fantasies while awake. In the scholarly article, “Lust, Pornography, and Erotic Dreams”, the author discusses the relationship between pornography use and sexual dreams. Effects of sleeping positions on sexual dreams are also discussed (Calvin, 2013). In the mainstream media article “How Erotic Dreams Are Connected To Pornography Use And Sexual Behavior”, the author also discusses the relationship between pornography and dreams (Lehmiller, 2017). This topic is important to human sexuality because almost all people experience erotic dreams during their lifetime. I am interested to learn the relationships between pornography and dreams because it could teach me about my own sexuality.

The scholarly article used a survey to assess the different questions about erotic dreams. For the study, nearly 300 young asian men were surveyed and data was collected (Calvin, 2013). The men were asked what sexual objects they saw in their dreams, how often they ejaculated while sleeping, what kind of dreams induced a wet dream, what kind of pornography they watched, and what sleeping position they woke up in after a wet dream (Calvin, 2013). The results showed that homosexual men and women had more erotic dreams while sleeping on their stomachs. This was the opposite for homosexual men. They also found that watching porn increases the rates of erotic dreams. Most often, the type of pornography viewed most often is incorporated into the erotic dream. For example, if a person views pornography of older women, he or she will most likely have erotic dreams about a female teacher or an older female figure (Calvin, 2013). Finally, the study shows that men usually have more sexual fantasies about female acquaintances than their actual female partner. Female acquaintances were often the subjects of erotic dreams in these young men (Calvin, 2013).

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The mainstream media article also discusses the correlations with dreams and pornography. The author of this article uses other data to back up his or her claim. This article also explains that the type of porn a person watches is usually included in the erotic dreams. For example, if a person exclusively watches bondage porn, they will most likely have erotic dreams about bondage (Lehmiller, 2017). On the other hand, this article explains that dreams can be completely random. Some eroitc dreams do not reflect the actual desires of that individual For example, it is possible for a person to have a dream about having sex with his or her mother and then be completely repulsed when they wake up (Lehmiller, 2017).

The scholarly article was written by a faculty member from Hong Kong Shue Yan University in Hong Kong (Calvin, 2013). The mainstream media article was written by a doctor, but his credentials are not listed on the article. The author increases his or her credibility when he or she mentions data from a case study. Unfortunately, the name of the study was not listed (Lehmiller, 2017).

The information found in the two articles were surprisingly very similar. They both determined that pornography definitely influenced an individuals erotic dreams. They also both found that sexual objects seen in porn were also found in erotic dreams. In contrast, the scholarly article looks more into the correlation between sleeping positions and wet dreams while the mainstream media article discusses how dreams do not necessarily show actual sexual desires (Lehmiller, 2017). These sources do not have any contrasting information. I would have to agree with both of the articles because the information is very similar. However, I believe the scholarly article is more credible because they conducted a survey themselves and collected tons more data than the other article (Calvin, 2013).

These articles allow me to look deeper into the correlation between erotic dreams and pornography. Before reading these articles, I only had my own personal experiences as references for this topic. Now that I can look at data from many different people, it gives me a much better idea about the meanings behind most men’s erotic dreams. It showed me that our sexual desires during the day can really influence our erotic dreams at night. Learning about one’s erotic fantasies is an important step to increasing one’s sexual intelligence. It is important to understand how our desires affect our erotic dreams and how our erotic dreams can affect our sexual behavior.”

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