The Look into Greek Mythology

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The two stories homer’s the Odyssey and Apollodorus Jason and the Argonauts are two epic stories that are important to the understanding of early civilization and early literature. Jason and the Argonauts is about a voyage of Jason, sent by his uncle Pelias, and a band of heroes on the voyage to find the Golden Fleece. The ship sailed was called the Argo crafted by Argo himself with the help of the goddess Athena, the ship was said to be the longest and the fastest ship during that time.

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The Golden Fleece is in Kolchis with King Aites. Pelias send Jason on this voyage hoping he would be killed on his journey and not make it back so that Pelias could become king. On the voyage, Jason and the Argonauts have many adventures including the rescue of Phineas from the harpies. In gratitude, your phineus gave the travelers advice in the route to take and favorable winds. Upon Jason reaching his destination at Kolchis, King Aites would not give up the fleece unless Jason performed an unbelievable task for the king. The tasks that Jason has to encounter included plowing the field with two fire breathing bulls, then to sow the teeth of the serpent guarding the fleece and fend of the giants that came from the teeth.

Through all the tasks Jason was assisted by the king’s daughter madea, who fell in love with Jason with the help of the goddess Athena. After Jason competed for all the tasks the king was not going to give Jason the Golden Fleece. The king tried to kill Jason and burn the ship the Argo that carried them in their journey. Madea the king’s daughter intervened and helped Jason again by telling him where the fleece was and giving him a magic potion to fend if the serpent that still guarded the fleece. Madea fended off her father and his soldiers in the process and sailed back to Jason’s home with him along with the fleece. Despite being given the fleece Pelias, Jason’s uncle would not give up the throne. It was also discovered that Pelias caused the death of Jason’s father. Pelias was killed but Jason didn’t want the throne he gave it to Pelias son akostos. Madea and lives happily after that. The Odyssey one of Homer’s epic stories is about the trials of an Odysseus after leaving his home for war and his travels trying to come back home after the war. Odysseus has been away from his wife and son for the Trojan war that lasted 10 years. After the war was over it took another 10 years for Odysseus to sail back to his home in Ithaca an to his wife Penelope. As Odysseus sails home he encounters more troubles and more trails to get back to his home in Ithaca.

These trials are known as “ the wanderings of Odysseus “. Odysseus battles with the great cyclops Polyphemus who traps Odysseus and his crew before Odysseus kills the monster by stabbing him in the eye. He then encounters the lotus eaters who lure men by sliding there memory and motivation Odysseus defeated them as well. His next trial was with the sirens of the sea who lure men in with song until there shipwrecks and the sirens eat them. After every trial that Odysseus had to go through, he always survives along with a little of his crew left. Until his crew dishonored the god Zeus by eating a cattle that was not supposed to be touched and the god struck down the ship that carried the men everyone died except for Odysseus who landed at the shores of calypso. Calypso who had captured on the seas for 7 years until finally letting him go after Athena convinced the other gods to let him go. Odysseus is then discovered by his son Telemachus who was looking for him after discovering he was captured by calypso brings him back to Ithaca where he is reunited with his wife Penelope.

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