The is Family Immigration

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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The topic I am going to discuss is immigration. I find it uneasy that people are treated poorly because of differing opinions. During the Holocaust, Hitler, who was the chancellor, had a profound impact on the state of affairs. Unfortunately, he harbored hatred towards the Jews due to an unfavorable encounter with one, and this feeling was extended to the entire Jewish community. This led to the initiation of the Holocaust, characterized by mass murders and unfair treatment of all Jews.

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Jews from different states and countries were rounded up, segregated, and removed from their homes. They were treated inhumanely and stripped of everything they had, with insignificant regard for their human dignity.

It raises the question, should it be that the powerful can mistreat others based on their opinion? While immigration problems seem to have improved over time, deportations continue to be a significant concern. It appears the current president’s feelings toward Mexicans have arguably exacerbated the problem. It has sparked many protests where people share their feelings and thoughts about the issue. For instance, protests have happened near the White House where many folks express their points of view through posters, drawings, even photographs showcasing families being torn apart. Allegedly, just like Hitler, the incumbent is alleged to harbor a negative sentiment towards Mexicans due to an adverse interaction with one individual.

The bulk of those affected by this policy are Mexicans. Countless families are being torn apart; children are left behind while their parents are taken from them. These children often end up in facilities where they sleep on the floor and have barely sufficient blankets. It’s distressing that someone’s life can abruptly change as they are forcibly taken to another country without warning. It’s a terrifying thought, knowing that it could happen to anyone and break up a family. It’s unsettling to have a seemingly stable life plan and then have to start afresh overnight.

For example, Lourdes Salazar. She immigrated to the U.S. to join her husband, Luis Quintana, who had been here for a decade. They later settled in Denver and had three children aged 14, 16, and 20. Despite being undocumented, they both had steady jobs. Ms. Salazar was in housekeeping and social activities in churches while Mr. Quintana worked in construction. However, their seemingly stable life was shattered when Ms. Salazar was detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officers for 23 days. She was granted permission to stay in the U.S. to look after their children, but her husband, Mr. Quintana, was deported. She had to renew her deportation deferral each year, a challenging situation coupled with the separation from her husband.

It was hard for her and the kids. They were heartbroken because their dad was taken away, and they did not know if he was okay.” Ms. Bautista shared her tragic experience. A couple of years later in 2017, Ms. Bautista couldn’t renew her status anymore, and they deported her the same month with a ten-year re-entry ban. She had to leave her children behind until a couple of months later; they had to leave for Mexico to be with their parents. This experience took a big toll on them because they had to leave everything behind and adjust to the Mexican way, which is significantly different than the US. Since they were born and raised in the US, it was challenging for them to get involved in activities because they knew no one. Ms. Bautista stated in the article, “I returned twenty years later and the situation is worse.” It was harder for her to get a job because things had changed from when she used to live there.

One of their daughters, the oldest, had to stay behind because she was in college. Soon their other daughter also had to remain behind to finish high school and go to college as well. Now, looking at the story and seeing how heartbreaking it is, a family only came to do better for their kids, being separated for no reason. Just imagining how it could be you or any other family is horrible because of the pain and suffering they’ll have to go through. Having to move on without your parents being there at a young age, going off onto something big in life like college, graduating and your parents missing out on big things like that is sad. Nine out of ten times, that’s the main goal a parent who migrated to the US has: to see their kids become successful, something they could not do.

If this problem doesn’t get solved, many families will be torn apart. Yes, there’s bad in everyone but blaming it on one race is not right. Even though some people might think it’s correct, that’s their opinion because they’re not going through it. They’re from the US. It’s other families being torn apart; many would die as well because of the conditions they’re placed in. It is not a sanitary place. It’s like a prison, and the ones being kept there are kids. There have been two kids reported dead in these places they’re being held in because they’re not getting the food or medication they need. It shows how ill-managed these facilities are; how could someone do that to children that are as young as a couple of months to ten years old?

A way to help or prevent this from happening is by recognizing the wrong in this; not everyone is bad. Helping out other families in need instead of just watching them suffer, urging the government to take action to alleviate the pain, is essential. Many people feel like there’s no one who cares about them because of the way they’re being treated. When protesting, they must pay attention to the signs and take time out of their day to see the hurting in people and think of others instead of themselves. If people continue to sit there and ignore it, it won’t help; it’ll probably make things worse, infuriating people and making them act out, possibly doing the things everyone is accusing them of doing.

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