Illegal Immigration: Search of a Good Life

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Illegal Immigration: Search of a Good Life

Adopting a human-centric approach, this essay narrates the poignant tales of illegal immigrants, underscoring their aspirations, struggles, and relentless pursuit of a better life. It empathetically portrays the human side of immigration, often overshadowed by political rhetoric. More free essay examples are accessible at PapersOwl about Economy topic.

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Illegal immigration to the United States is thriving due to the support of people needing to find a better life for themselves and families. The movement of immigration can be a positive impact on the politics and culture and economy wise. Yes it is more people coming into our country, but not all of its bad as everyone thinks it is. People of immigration bring new perspectives, experiences, and ideas to the communities. Immigrants start businesses, also earn income, and can be supportive to others on the local level.

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Immigrants also contribute to a stronger economy. People usually come from over populated areas and try to find better opportunities for themselves and to help their families if they need it.

When immigration enters the labor forces, it increases the economy and raises the GDP. Immigrants flowed into high-tech jobs during the internet boom and construction jobs during the 2000’s housing boom. Immigrant workers are overrepresented among college professors, engineers, mathematics, nurses and doctors, or dentists. If immigration makes the economy larger then why do we strictly limit immigration?

Cons of immigration

Many immigrants that come from a different country are usually less educated than they should be which affects them on certain job opportunities, or schooling, and they also can have a lower income level. Also the more people coming into the country can lead to overcrowding. More people can change the population dynamics. As people come in the country which means they will probably be looking for jobs and homes. When more people need jobs they won’t have any other places to work because the jobs will be getting taken over which leaves less jobs for people that need them.

Researchers have stated the when immigrants come into the country we have been getting more threats. Researchers have also stated that immigrants don’t come here for crime because they’re most likely trying to find jobs and actually wanting to live here for a better life. People think that immigrants only come here to commit crimes, but not all of that is true so people be thinking immigrants are trying? to threat us, but anyone can threat us not just immigrants.

My opinion

I personally think people should be able to move and live wherever they want to. Just because people from different countries wants to move to the U.S doesn’t mean that their always a threat to this country. Like having to have a green card or applying? to come to the country I think is pointless on some parts. Like if they’re kids and are by themselves, and doesn’t have a green card ICE can take them away. Most kids that are having it bad at home or even if they have a home move here to find a better life and help their family out. They aren’t doing anything wrong so they shouldn’t get taken away for that. Yes I get it their kids and it’s probably best for them, but their trying to have hope that it’s better here for them. And I get that there will probably overcrowding here and yes that sucks, but I just feel terrible for the people that have to go through that because us people that have the privilege to a good life takes it for granted and the ones that don’t want to make a most of their lives. Most immigrants want something better and they are focusing on their life they don’t want to take away opportunities from other people. They just want what’s best for them and ain’t hurting anyone around them by doing that.

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