The Influence of the Renaissance Era

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Updated: Apr 26, 2021
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“The renaissance started around the 13th century this was a time where knowledge and learning was very big inventions were being made as well as art and new buildings. The renaissance was a time of expression and knowledge and testing ideas. Many great things came out of the renaissance that still is used today and is still around till this day. This time period is still widely talked about in today’s world so how has renaissance Renaissance art modernized art that is done today through its architecture, its influencers, and its philosophies.

The renaissance produced so many great artist like Leonardo Da Vinci he was considered one of the most prominent artist in this time period Leonardo Da Vinci was apart of the high renaissance. Leonardo Da Vinci was considered the ultimate Renaissance Man He practiced all the visual art and studied a wide range of topics (“Renaissance Art”) Leonardo Da Vinci was also very dedicated to the study of anatomy(“Renaissance Art and Architecture”). Leonardo Da vinci was the ultimate renaissance man for his unique perspective and views as well as his intellectual. Leonardo Da Vinci most famous pieces of art were the Mona Lisa, The Virgin of The Rocks and The Last Supper these pieces of art showed off his unparalleled ability to portray light and shadow as well as a physical relationship between humans. (“Renaissance Art”).

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Michelangelo was alongside Leonardo Da Vinci as the greatest artist from the renaissance time period. Michelangelo was also apart of the high renaissance Michelangelo was the dominant sculptor of the High Renaissance (“Renaissance Art”).Michelangelo drew on the human body for inspiration for his work. Botticelli and Michelangelo were greatly influenced by neoplatonic philosophy which was developed in the medici circle(“Renaissance Art and Architecture”).

Michelangelo produced pieces like pieta which is in the St. Peters Cathedral also the david which is in Florence (“Renaissance Art”).Michelangelo also painted and is known for the giant Pesco covering the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel his piece displayed work from Genesis which is in the Bible (“Renaissance Art”).

Raphael was considered one of the great three as well during the renaissance. Raphael was also apart of the high renaissance along side Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. Raphael was a painter and architect during the renaissance he was very well known for those 2 types of art. Renaissance art was made to capture the beauty and mystery of the natural world (“Renaissance Art”).

During the renaissance many ideas were used in art and architecture and example of some of these ideas were introducing religion and humanism in to peoples work. The humanist movement started in Italy and refers to a new interest in human life on Earth (“Renaissance Humanism”).Artist during the renaissance wanted to make realism into their painting and using humans or humanistic ideas glorified that (“Renaissance Humanism”).Another humanist view was that humans can be angels and strive for intellect or be beast and not do so (“Renaissance Humanism”).One of the most recognised artist for work on humanism was Galileo was one of the most famous humanist he believed that the Earth revolves around the sun (“Renaissance Humanism”).Galileo wanted to prove he was right so he improved the telescope to prove his idea (“Renaissance Humanism”).

Religion was also introduced in art during the renaissance. Many works of renaissance art were related to religion and things like the Virgin Mary or Madonna (“Renaissance Art”). Today renaissance art is looked at as amazing pieces of art but back then it was looked at as devotional objects (“Renaissance Art”). renaissance art were altarpieces painted and incorporated into rituals for the catholic mass (“Renaissance Art”).During the 15th century artist became supported by not only the church but private collectors as well(“Renaissance Art and Architecture”).

Sculptors were very praised for their work a lot of the sculptors made during this time are still around today and can be viewed by the public because they are historical pieces most of the sculptures can be found in museums. Some of the most recognisable sculptors were Michelangelo and Raphael. Sculptures were made to represent life and religion as well as humanism could be made into art.
Many structural ideas are still used today that came from the renaissance.Architecture structures seen today that were ideas in the renaissance include, arches and moulding.(Richman).

“On top of the fine arts, the Renaissance style is also evident in architecture of the period. Led by Brunelleschi, the designer and architect behind Florence’s famed duomo, or dome, Italian Renaissance architecture often conveys an interest in symmetry and balance.”(Richman) “Rome’s structural elements, its arches, vaults, and domes, as well as its decorative forms, served as an open treasury, from which the designers of the 15th cent.”(“Renaissance Art and Architecture”).

Art was one of the biggest things that came out of renaissance it is worth so much money now and is admired by people to this day. Art during that time period still can be found in art that is still being made today many techniques are still practiced. Art consisted of a “unique approach was characterized by spiritual iconography, flat compositions, unrealistic color palettes, and ethereal, otherworldly figures. In the 1300s, however, Italian artists based in Florence abandoned this distinctive aesthetic and adopted a more humanist approach to art. This time of change would eventually be known as the Italian Renaissance.”(Richman).

So the renaissance has greatly influenced and still influences today’s world it helps with philosophies and how the world builds structures and how paintings are made. So all the renaissance did was benefit the modern world and will continue to in the future. So renaissance has helped shape today’s world and ideas through architecture,philosophies and artist from the time period.”

The Influence of the Renaissance Era essay

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