The Gender Pay Gap Women Face

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Income by gender, women in the labor market system versus men.The gender pay gap women face is a result of inequality based on gender, resulting in lower income. An independent variable impacts the dependent variable. As a result, an individuals gender- the independent variable-impacts income-dependent variable. The gender pay gap is an issue and it’s real. Nowadays, being a female in the current U.S culture means that the income I receive will be less than a mans. This culture has shaped the structure of opportunities for women and limited the impact of their agency when making a decision.

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Unfortunately, the patriarchal culture of the past still exists today. Our culture stems from breadwinner conservatism and liberalism. Both enforcing a patriarchal culture in the labor market for different reasons, breadwinner conservatism states that gender roles were not just economically beneficial, but natural. Enforcing opinion as a fact and stating that inequality of one social group is not detrimental but is normal, breadwinner conservatism used deterministic and simplistic accounts to fortify their reasoning. Saying “women should stay home” and “take care of the family” so the “heavy-work” is on the man strengthened the belief that caring for a family isn’t hard work since a man isn’t handling it. On the other hand, breadwinner liberalism enforced the belief that in order to help the economy and the man himself, men need to work. Of course, the pressuring issue was that the patriarchy was in trouble. It was thought that a white male man needed to work in order to not slip from the top of the labor market system and allow the chance to enter the middle class. That was the most important issue. Not racism or sexism.

My personal choices, attitudes, and behaviors are conditioned by the broad social effects such as the expectation for women to care for their family instead of men. The pay gap is a result of the labor system enforcing inequality that was instilled by breadwinner conservatism and liberalism. When entering the labor market as a woman, I am more likely to be judged for my future actions in the scope of inequality and sexism. If I negotiate for higher pay, I am viewed as “harsh”, but a man is viewed as “confident”. This inequality is because of the perception that women are “gentle” by biology and a man is doing what is in his nature when considering breadwinner conservatism. As a result, a man’s confidence is viewed as a sign of “strength”. Since I don’t have children to care for, I am less likely to take off work and have my pay gap decreased by 39 percent, which women who take off only one-year receive. As someone whose ethnicity is considered Caucasian by the government, but my race receives discrimination, I am more likely to be impacted by the pay gap. Women of other ethnicities and race receive a lower income than “exemplars” of being Caucasian. Vox magazine states that statistical reports say, “For many women of color, the number is lower — black women make about 61 cents on the dollar compared with men, while Latina women make 53 cents”. In conclusion, women already receive less income than men even before considering the consequences of taking time off and racial inequality, which makes that pay even less. The pay gap is real.”

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