The Effects of GMO’s in Today’s World

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Updated: Jan 27, 2020
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All the food we eat – every grain of rice and kernel of corn – has been genetically modified. None of it was here before mankind learned to cultivate crops. The question isn’t whether our food has been modified, but how.? (Specter, n.d.). GMO’s are Genetically Modified Organisms?. This means that genes in an organism have been altered, but it is not just plants that can be changed, it can be all living things. GMO’s are living creatures that genetic code has been edited in some way. (What are, n.d.) Things that have or can be modified are medicines that can cure certain diseases and be turned into vaccines by bacteria that has its gene coded differently. Insulin can also be genetically modified so that doctors do not have to rely on others insulin to treat people with diabetes. (Manager, 2017) The process of creating genetically modified organisms can be confusing to some but the process is quite easy, to scientists for the most part. It starts with a scientist embedding a gene into the DNA of a nucleus of a single cell body. It is so tiny that even with the strongest microscope, it cannot be seen. A large part of the genetic code persists unchanged in the cell. (What are, n.d.) That is until scientists treat it with hormones to endure growth and development in the cell. Continuing the process, the cell then divides to become a whole organism, plant, etc; this is called bioengineering.

The debate on whether GMO’s are safe for humans and the planet is never going to end because everyone has a different opinion on it. Yet, Genetically Modified Organisms are safe for the planet and for humans. Scientists have performed over 1,700 studies to prove that GMO’s are safe for human consumption and does not harm the environment. Indeed, GMO’s have been produced to help with the malnourishment in underdeveloped countries. The crops that are planted to aid with poverty or the malnourishment are of great quality and remarkably inexpensive to those who are in need of the nutrients it provides. The quality can be evolved into organisms with higher amounts of nutrients and can be produced anywhere in tremendous masses. Farmers need fewer resources to grow remarkable amounts of food. The biotechnology that scientist use to create can produce vitamins and great amounts of nutrients in crops. A wonderful example of that claim is the Golden Rice? of China. In China, children start eating the yellow rice full of carotene (vitamin A) to help with their eyesight because plain white rice does not contain any nutrients or vitamins. (Charles 2013) Many people did not feel comfortable with the thought of having their food modified by scientists, but if it is what gives them their nutrients, it is better than nothing.

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Many people feel outraged when thinking about genetically modified organisms, but there is nothing repugnant about it. (Blancke, 2015) There are these that think that it is lethal, which it is not because it is good for human consumption; scientists have proven that it is fine. It is also said that GMO’s contain a large number of pesticides to keep harmful insects away from the crops. When the crop is watered, the pesticides flow under the soil then into lakes harming whatever drinks from it. Yet, those types of crops containing GMO’s that have to do with pesticides are being planted away from bodies of waters to be out of harm’s way from wildlife. (Have GM, n.d.) It has also been proven that crops/foods that are genetically modified have a longer shelf life, which makes it easier for people who are in poverty to store more food in their pantry, which they can use over a long period of time, unlike non-genetically modified items that do not have a long shelf life. (Blancke 2015)

Genetically Modified Organisms are great for those in poverty, those looking for foods that can be preserved longer, and those that are malnourished in need of the right nutrients. They are harmful to the wildlife, but that is only if the GMO’s in the crops are not in a contained environment. Otherwise, it is not harmful to the wildlife around us. (Blancke, 2015) It is especially not harmful in any way towards people; scientists have tested everything that is held within the GMO’s and the FDA is aware of it and accepts of it in crops being farmed and shipped to stores and soon placed in our homes. If they were harmful to society, then the FDA would not have approved of it and it would not be in our foods. If it is contained and kept in specific amounts, then it is not dangerous in any way. If anything it makes crops last longer and helps everyone around the world.


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The Effects of GMO’s in Today’s World essay

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