The Book Thief: Even Death has a Heart

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Updated: Apr 15, 2020
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The Book Thief: Even Death has a Heart essay

Even death has a heart”, this quote was taken from a book called “The book thief” by Markus Zusak. The meaning of the quote is that death is not as we all imagine, evil, malicious, violent and dreadful, but actually death is only just a result and a consequence . Death is what’s going to happen to all of us, after all the bad stuffs and events that has already happened in our lives, it is when our soul is finally free and peace, so we can rest. The conclution of this quote is that the “heart” and “kindness” of death is freeing our souls so we can finally let all things go and rest in peace.

“Memory is the scribe of the soul”, this quote was actually made by the Greek philosopher, Aristotle. The quote was featured in “The book thief” by Markus Zusak. It is said that Aristotle was talking about a faculty of the mind that retains and revives facts, events, impressions, and others. It could also means that we could recognize previous experiences in doing things. My commentary about this quote is that memories is what teaches us, like not repeating in doing something bad from the past.

Memory is what makes our lives and also one of the teachers of our life. “One small fact: you are going to die. Despite every effort, no one lives forever. Sorry to be such a spoiler. My advice is when the time comes, don’t panic. It doesn’t seem to help.” The last quote, this is a long quote from “The book thief”. The quote basically means that we, humans are going to die, sooner or later, all and every humans are going to die. “Despite every effort, no one lives forever.” There is no way to avoid death, whatever we do or try, we are still going to die. “My advice is when the time comes, don’t panic.” Means that we should not be paniced when the time has come, the time we rest in peace, it is not going to help because we all are going to experience death.

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