Comic Books are Known as a Comic Magazine

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“Comic books are known as a comic magazine because they are filled with art. The comic book was published in 1930 in the United State. The comic book is known worldwide and almost everyone knows about the comics. When the first comic book came out almost everyone loved it especially children because the book was full of superheroes. Superheroes indicate us who we are and what we are accomplished of reaching. The comic book is easy to understand and read it. The comic book remained popular back then because comic is all about superheroes, monster, and powerful humans try to safe world or destroy the world. Comic Books hold on indisputable meaning in modern history. Three aspects of significance contain racism, sexism, and impact on children.

In history, comic books have been a social and cultural interplanetary dominated by white people. Comic books had humble and self-effect at first, then soon they came out as hateful messages. At the begging when the comic book was published during 1930, superheroes characters were publicized only white characters. Many people were affected because the author starts publishing a comic book with only white superheroes characters, rather than adding some characters that are people with color. When substances of white racism are disregarded, the issue is forgotten among most white’s people. Even though racism did exist but at that time people act as racism had never happened before or it does not exist now. Racism demands delicate, more concealed approaches that continue to reservation white dominance, in other words, undercover methods of racism are exchanging traditional and it is clear arrangements.

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Many people start discovery it out besides, perhaps people were not affected back then but now, people can see it. Nowadays we can see the people with color in superheroes book but not at the begging. Numerous authors start drawing people with color in the comic book that when people with color read the book can also fell that he or she is free and welcome. Various people had become offended by the many authors for not making people with color as a superheroes character. If at primary author had made people with color superheroes, then nowadays many people would have supported the author and comic books. Framings of new racism illumine a racial grading physical through the way framings are regulating sensitivities of white supremacy. In spite of longing more diverse comic book characters, most discussions reverted to maintaining a character’s origin story, even if that means character roles remain white and male. According to Terry Tang and Corey Williams, “It was kind of unheard of to have a black lead character, let alone a title character and not just a secondary sidekick kind of thing.” Many people were unhappy to not see black superheroes character in the book and on top of that many authors ignore it.

In the beginning, women played a very small role in the comic world. Superpowered heroes like Superman and Captain Marvel under enemy control the stage while women narrowly made any attendance. Specifically, the female was represented as independent victims that looked-for to be rescued and saved by the male central character who is a good guy. These initial attitudes towards female in comic books are implicative of shared gender role categorizes where female is supposed to be less intelligent than male and female only have a place in the house as a foundation of emotional support who always needed men to help. Also, in numerous comic book, there is one superhero who is the handsome and good-looking guy, in addition, all the female love him. The character of females transformed dramatically during later in life when partisan characters appeared and unexpectedly concerned the attention of new readers, who were both males and females. Female holds a huge super-human strength and she has the ability to fly, likewise, she can overwhelm any problem that comes in her way. Even additional interesting is how girls love are getting attention.

The female character did change a lot as if he is the male version of them because rather than a man rescuing the girl all the time which that was common in a comic book, instead it is overturned to a female saving people life and sometimes she would save men. However, in spite of these original pictures of strong and powerful female characters, somewhat else was taking place, for example, those strong supergirls were being represented as sex substances. Likewise, the pictures and images of a female with large breast sizes, slim and smooth body, skinny legs, and of course half-naked appearance became extremely popular. The more female superhero was sensual with nice body and necked the more people loved to read the book. The headlight of comic books were sexual images of female that they a were necked and conventional position of the female anatomy. The rising quantity of sex and violence in comic books sooner or later led to criticisms. Just about everyone has read a comic book. For several years it has been believed by many that comic books are the reason that good kid had developed not subsequently good children. According to Phil Ciciora,

A lot of the criticism of comics and comic books come from people who think that kids are just looking at the pictures and not putting them together with the words, Some kids, yes. But you could easily make some of the same criticisms of picture books that kids are just looking at pictures, and not at the words.

The author is said that kids look at the images instead of reading the book. The comic book is known for the book is filled with pictures. The good thing is even if the child did not know how to read, he or she will understand a little bit. Nevertheless, some children don’t want to read or they are forced to read by a teacher or parent then on that point the child will focus on images rather than reading it. Its all about the child who wants to read or not, for example, Phil Ciciora said, “”It’s up to the reader’s personality and intellect. As a whole, comics are just another medium, another genre.”” Even though they’ve extended included picture books as a sometimes comic book are suitable for children’s, numerous adults and teachers who freely add comics to their collections because a comic book is too quick to sack, and comics are like a manuscript for young readers. In nowadays children cannot read all comic book because not all comic book is appropriate for children to see or read it. when first comic books came out everyone loved it especially children because the book is full of images and superhero character. Nowadays there is Specific book for children because in many comic books shows the violence, killing, murdering, racism, sexism, and hate. Even if the child did not know how to read the book it is easier for a child to understand the images because the comic book shows step by step what is happening in the story and.

Children get brainwashed really fast and because of that, the children will think that superheroes in the book are also in the real world. If a chilled saw someone hitting someone in the book they probably thought that it is OK to hurt whoever they want because many parents and teachers tell their kids the book is full of good information. The big point is many comic books filled with naked woman’s and that in inappropriate for children to see it. Kids get traumatized and go to depression really fast so they saw horror pictures in the comic book they might get affected by it. Racism also is known as a huge thing in the comic book so it might affect people with colors. Comics books are good and bad for children the parents or the teacher know what is the kid is trying to read then is good but if they do not know when it might be bad for the kid. For example, according to the author “”Any book can be good, and any book can be bad, to some extent,””

In conclusion, the Comic book is good and people can enjoy but at the same time, a comic book can be racist, sexist, and harmful for children. Racism had existed and it will always exist especially in the comics world. People saw hoe author was resisted when they first release the comic book to the world. Not everyone was happy at the begging especially people with color and many white people because they did not hear or saw people with color in the book. But bow days’ time has changed and people support people with a color which is astonishing. Many authors had come out with a comic book that includes people with color as superheroes characters. Next, the female was sexist at the begging and author use female as a housewife and innocent character in the comic book. Female was not powerful in the comic world but then later in life authors start creating female superheroes, but they were like a sex object for man. Authors did create a super powerful female, but those females were just an object because the crated half necked female for men to enjoy reading a comic book. Finally, the comic book is worse for children rather than good because at first comic were not appropriate for children. In nowadays author had come out with children comic book but still, the parent had to be sure what are their children reading and watching. The comic book is useful and unsuitable for the world and human.”

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