Test Different Fitness Components

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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I met with two of my brothers and their best friend. They have exercised for over 1 year. They performed a short warm up for 10 to 15 minutes before performing any fitness experiment.

1: Cardiovascular endurance testing, This checking is still one of the basic fitness testing used by coaches and trainers to determine cardiovascular fitness and track fitness over time. This simple test also allows you to compare your cardiovascular endurance with others of their age and gender.

12-minute run-walk tests are performed on a treadmill requires the person being tested to run or walk as far as possible in a 12-minute period.

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Recording Sheets

we will record the most effective factors such as the age, gender, and how many yards they achieved then Locate the number they came up with on the chart below to rate my client’s. The highest number is achieved by who exercises cardio more than others do.

2: Assessment for Muscular Strength

Upper Body Test

Have the client lie on a flat bench and with the barbell racked. Instruct the client to place his/her hands on the bar slightly wider than shoulder width. After lifting the bar off the rack, instruct the clients to lower the bar to chest level and then push it back up to the starting position. Be sure to stress the importance of breathing properly and keeping the low back pressed into the pad of the bench.

Recording Sheets

I asked clients how much weight they can successfully lift for 10 repetitions then load the bar and count the actual repetitions completed. We will record the result then assess them based on age, gender and client’s fitness

Lower Body Test

A 1RM seated leg press can be used to assess my client’s leg.

Recording sheets

We will estimate a 1RM max for my clients and then divide that value by the client’s body weight to come up with a number. Locate the number they came up with on the chart below to rate my client’s leg strength.

3: Assessments for Flexibility

Zipper Stretch: measures shoulder flexibility. Directions: Take right hand over right shoulder and bring left hand up the back. Measure the distance between the two hands. Switch arms and repeat the test with the left hand over the left shoulder and the right hand up the back.

Sit and Reach: measures flexibility of the lower back and hamstrings. Directions: This test involves sitting on the floor with legs out straight. Feet are placed flat against a box with both knees held flat against the floor by the tester. The client leans forward slowly as far as possible and holds the greatest stretch for two seconds.

Recording Sheets

we will record range of motion for every one

4: Muscular Endurance Assessment


They will use the standard “”military style”” push-up position with only the hands and the toes touching the floor. Do as many push-ups as possible with good form until exhaustion.

Recording Sheets

Count the total number of push-ups performed. Locate the number they came up with on the chart below to rate my client’s push ups

Sit Ups

Have the client lie on the floor with knees bent, feet flat, and hands resting on his/her thighs. Have the client contract the abdominals Do not allow the client to pull at the neck or head, and instruct him/her to keep the lower back flat on the floor. If the client has back problems, this test should be avoided.

Recording Sheets

Count the total minute of sit-ups performed. Locate the number they came up with on the chart below to rate my client’s sit ups we will find different results from one another by ages, gender, health condition, and the client’s fitness

Learning these different is key to optimal performance because it can help me strategize an exercise plan in terms of intensity and strength

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