Health and Fitness

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Aerobic exercises that brings in the need to take in more oxygen than when the body is at rest. Generally regular exercise causes the body to adjust leading to better health and physical functioning. When the right types of exercise are done regularly, at correct intensity and for a suitable duration it leads to a number of health benefits. Aerobic exercises reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, high blood pressure and breast cancer. It helps in lowering the blood pressure and improve the blood cholesterol by regulating the amount of good and bad cholesterol (Wilson et al.

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2016). It also helps in reduction of anxiety, stress and depression, further creating a sense of well-being.

Dancers are known to be flexible and in good shape, this is because dancing works out almost all major muscle groups. Dancing is about flexibility, coordination and strength (Bouchard et al. 2018). Dancing will mostly work the muscles in the legs and glutes. It also works out the hips, abdomen and lower back muscles. Some forms of dances will also utilize the arms and the muscles in the upper body.

Dancing normally works on all the muscle groups slightly. The musculoskeletal system provides the support needed, thus dance in increasing the muscle strength, coordination and balance. Exercise also helps in improving the functioning of the cardiovascular and immune systems (Bouchard et al. 2018). The nervous and endocrine systems; exercise strengthens the heart and normalizes blood pressure. Dance will also help improve the functioning of the digestive and respiratory system.

Benefits of pushups

Pushups ensure with a number of benefits to the body. It increases functional body strength through activation of the body (Diamond, 2015). Push Ups improves muscle stretching for better health and vitality. Improved functioning of the cardiovascular system. It increases the muscle definition of the whole body. It helps in protecting the shoulder from injury that may occur at the shoulder joint by strengthening the muscles (Diamond, 2015). Pushups also helps in preventing low back pains. The exercise also helps in increasing testosterone and reduce development of osteoporosis.

Pushups uses the body weight as a resistance to work out the upper body and core at the same time. It targets a number of muscles like; the chest muscles, the shoulders muscles, the triceps, abdominal muscles and the muscles located directly under the armpits known as the serratus anterior (Bouchard et al. 2018). These are the muscles directly engaged in the exercise but it also affects other body muscles. Pushups can be modified to target a number of muscles in different ways. Generally resulting into the body gaining strength.

Body systems affected by pushups

Pushups will result to improved general function of the body, thus affecting major body systems. The body systems are; improvement in the cardiovascular system, increased testosterone thus improves the reproductive system. Pushups are also vital for musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular and immune system as well as the respiratory and digestive systems (Wilson et al. 2016).

It is evident from the effects obtained from these exercises that there is numerous importance attached to exercises. Whether aerobic or anaerobic, when the right types of exercise are done regularly, at correct intensity and for a suitable duration it leads to a number of health benefits. Exercises leads to fitness and health benefits that help improve the quality of life.


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