Tesla Motors is a Leader in the Use of the Latest Technologies in Production

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Updated: Jun 28, 2022
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Tesla Motors is an energy corporation with a core goal to be the catalyst for renewable energy products in present day consumer marketplace. Tesla, normally known for their Model S, an electric sports car going zero to sixty in 2.5 seconds, sells plenty more than cars. Tesla gives consumers roof tiles that capture solar energy, a ‘Powerwall’ offering energy for a two-bedroom home for twenty-four hours, which can also charge Tesla’s Model 3 car starting at $35,000, Model S at $78,200, and the Model X SUV at ,800.

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Tesla’s refusal to produce anything much less than perfection is represented through Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO since 2004. Elon keeps a napping bag in the corporation conference room to catch up on sleep when he wishes it. Musk has placed his desk at the very end of the manufacturing line. Starting in 2016, every Tesla off the manufacturing line will come with autopilot using abilities that can power down the interstate, drop you off at your workplace, then park itself nearby. Tesla Motors is a corporation focusing on lookup and development to increase their products faster than different car manufactures. In a 2016 file from Car and Driver, Tesla outperformed BMW, Infiniti, and Mercedes similar self-driving vehicles.

Tesla’s aggressive method makes it first to market on many products and services they offer. Tesla’s aggression has been a strength for capturing the target customer willing to spend $70,000 or greater on a new vehicle. Tesla’s main competitors, such as BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Lexus, and Audi, have been slow to gain floor on Tesla’s dominance in the American electric vehicle market. Tesla’s focus on electric cars leaves no direct competition for Tesla in the United States. The electric car competitors in the United States, none of which viewed luxury, would be a Nissan Leaf, a Toyota Prius, or a Chevrolet Volt. None of the stated models have the modern futuristic design that Tesla provides at the same price point.

Tesla’s products, services, and corporation method will be investigated by way of this case study to decide Tesla’s worth of investment.


  • Model X
  • Model S
  • Model 3
  • Roadster

Tesla continues to spearhead innovation by using introducing new technologies to the development industry, just as it did with the automotive industry. Solar panels have been built-in into glass roof tiles that coordinate with architectural design, powering a home with style, with Tesla’s ‘Solar Roof.’ The Solar Roof product can supplement home energy use in two ways. Solar Roof can hyperlink at once to Tesla’s Powerwall, a product that can provide power to a two-bedroom domestic for twenty-four hours. The electricity transferred from the Solar Roof stores in the Powerwall, then the Powerwall can be used for the house, or to charge your electric vehicle. Without the Powerwall, the Solar Roof will still supply energy for immediate use, decreasing the electrical energy bill for the homeowners.

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