Surveillance Cameras in Public Safety

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Updated: Apr 10, 2023
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The ‘safe city’ project in Mauritius has been implemented due to high crime rates in various cases, such as rape and theft. The recent rise in crime has resulted in increasing fear and insecurity among the people. This is an essay on surveillance cameras in public places.

The project of installing at least 4000 surveillance cameras cost more than 19 billion rupees. The 4000 cameras will be installed in two thousand different places for the security of the population. These new surveillance cameras will be able to detect and identify potential offenders and monitor suspicious activities and behaviors, as well as observe road traffic.

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These cameras, therefore, may increase public safety. There are many potential benefits of surveillance cameras in public places.

To initialize the project, a contract agreement involving Mauritius Telecom and Huawei was signed, as the latter has a wide range of intelligent cameras to offer. The project has begun in most places but is yet to be completed. With this project, citizens can be hopeful that crime rates in Mauritius may decrease.

These surveillance cameras can also be used to detect perilous drivers who are not concerned about people’s lives on the road or who do not respect the rules of driving. These types of drivers prefer to drive more than 110 kilometers per hour on the road, which may prove to be a danger to their own lives. They should, therefore, be charged with strict fines or perhaps imprisoned for at least two years as a severe punishment. The percentage of deaths by accident in Mauritius is increasing day by day. This is due to irresponsible drivers who drink alcohol and use their phones while driving, for example.

These surveillance cameras, however, may lead to certain consequences. Information, including personal data, can be obtained through the use of surveillance cameras. This creates a privacy risk as it is not being respected, and sensitive data, which is being recorded, could be easily used for crimes such as blackmail. Even if only a few individual professionals have access to all of this information, there is no guarantee that this personal data will remain private.

The installation of these cameras across the country poses another issue in terms of the safety and security of the data being received, collected, and stored at every passing moment. This is due to the hackers in today’s generation. Hackers are the only ones who could use these private data in an improper way. This could even bring about a major disturbance in the peace and stability reigning in the country.

In conclusion, it can be said that the project of installing approximately 4000 surveillance cameras in Mauritius can have both positive and negative effects on the citizens. The positives, however, would outweigh the benefits since these cameras may represent a huge safety barrier for the current population and for generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions
Should surveillance cameras be used in public places?

The use of surveillance cameras in public areas has long been a topic of debate. Supporters argue that such cameras can help deter crime and improve safety in public places, while detractors argue that they represent an unwarranted intrusion on people’s privacy. The decision to implement surveillance cameras in public spaces ultimately falls to the authority responsible for managing those areas. It is important to weigh the potential benefits against concerns about privacy infringement when considering the use of surveillance cameras.

Do cameras placed in public places infringe on people's privacy?

Determining whether surveillance cameras in public places are an invasion of privacy is subjective and varies depending on the individual’s perspective. Some individuals may perceive these cameras as violating their privacy since they may feel observed or monitored all the time. Others may argue that these cameras are intended to provide protection and don’t affect their privacy.

What is the use of surveillance cameras in public places an example of?

Surveillance cameras are often employed as a deterrence tactic to prevent criminal activity in public areas. This method creates a sense of accountability and fear in potential criminals, knowing that their actions are being monitored and recorded. Moreover, surveillance cameras can be a valuable tool in solving crimes as the footage captured can be used as evidence in investigations.

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