Students against the Education System

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However, even though Dr. Andre Perry makes a reasonable defense blaming white teachers for causing such disparities among the classroom, I disagree, for no matter the teacher’s race, in today’s modern era, people have become more accepting of one other and are more likely to judge a person by their character rather than their skin color. Though, during the 1960s, racial segregation was common among public facilities and African Americans being discriminated against was regarded as an everyday thing. Nevertheless, many civil right movements peacefully protested in order to be given their civil liberties and struck a major victory with the Brown v. Board of Education case. This case consisted of Mr. Brown being denied by the Topeka school district on not allowing his daughter to enroll to the predominantly white school.

After appealing the case to the supreme court, it was there, that the case became a milestone in history, for all supreme court justices all unanimously declared that the case was unconstitutional, furthering igniting the flame for civil rights movements. Yet, even though this case was decades ago, in today’s age, institutional racism still lives on, for black students are still being oppressed but cases such as the United States v. City of Meridian have exposed corruption within the schools but more importantly, within Mississippi’s justice system. In the United States v. City of Meridian case, a total of 77 black children were being punished harshly for minor crimes, and when arrested, were ignored of their civil rights and were taken immediately to juvenile detention centers with no hearing or due process. The minor crimes they were convicted of were merely no more than defiant acts such leaving the classroom without permission, arriving late to class, or being discourteous towards the instructor. In addition, these children were pressured into confessing crimes they didn’t commit before being given their Miranda Rights. Cases like these however, have not just happened in Mississippi but all over the United States, for racial disparities still lures on within schools but even more alarming, within our own justice system.

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