Spider-man 2 Movie Review

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Today we live in a world where this generation is based on technology and creating new things we have not done before. People are so into technology it is taking over how people communicate in person and the rates that people use and be on technology has increased majorly. Scientist have created and discovered many things and three fascinating things to talk about is how in the movie Spider-Man 2 he had got bitten by a spider do so a curious thing to talk about is introducing spider genes into humans and is it possible, if so what will it create, another thing that was interesting in the movie was how Spider-Man felt the effects kick in almost immediately after he had got bitten so would radioactive spider bites have effects on humans, and lastly how can humans have supervision to see something bad that’s about to happen? In a scene of Spider-man it showed how Peter had a vision of the train falling off a cliff and luckily he made it in time to help those innocent people.

Can we successfully mix spider and human DNA? What would it create? That’s a good question because in fact according to some scientist it is possible and actually quite easy to introduce spider genes into humans by adapting the methods scientist use to make genetically modified mice because it is part of their everyday routine so if there’s a reaction to the mice when they mix the spider’s DNA with its then the scientist may get a feeling that a similar reaction can happen to humans too. The difference between a spider and human DNA is not the actual chemical, but the order of the bases that make it up. The interplay between these genes is quite complex and cannot mix features. However, you could add and subtract enzymes that catalyze certain biochemical reactions. That being said combining spider and human dna together is not going to produce something that blends the attributes of those two. So the real answer is it is possible to mix human and spider DNA together but it would not make a “spider-man.”

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In the movie Spider-man 2 it showed how the spider bites Peter Parker the radioactive DNA of the spider present in its saliva is then inserted into his bloodstream and in time the radioactive DNA mixes itself with the human DNA and the effects kicked in about 30 minutes that’s when he could climb on walls and have really strong strength. In the future, if this were to happen there would be no effect because humans are exposed to about 3 millisieverts. According to Katy Waldman in an article she wrote states that “the amount of radiation contained in the venom from a single spider bite would likely fall between .00003 and about as much radiation as you’d absorb from eating a banana. (Griffith, Rhys) Problem is that things don’t work that way, If people were to take spider DNA and juiced it with radiation from microwaves to gamma rays, you wouldn’t get spider powers. You might get sick and even develop some type of serious illness eventually, but no powers because the radiation is so far and is better known for its ability to damage DNA. Those damages in turn cause mutations that are usually lethal. So from the radiation that we know off from the EM spectrum, none would cause the granting of powers. This, however, doesn’t mean there aren’t forms of radiation that we don’t know about. If we look at the more up-to-date factual movies like Planet of the Apes, The Amazing Spider-man,e.t.c, they all used some form of chemical catalyst in order to protect the person DNA while the radiation causes the DNA that is protected by the catalyst to respond by evolving into a more complex form. So what we are being shown is the probable possibility that there might be ways to protect or reinforce human DNA in order for it to handle forms of radiation that would otherwise destroy the DNA. So Peter Parker radioactive spider would have to have been a spider that was either exposed to a new form of radiation or radiation that was somehow filtered through some chemical agent, or, Peter himself had to be exposed to some sort of chemical that when he gets bitten by a spider dosed with a high level of radioactivity, the spider radioactive DNA plus the chemical would instead work together to boost Peter DNA, evolving his DNA into something greater.

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