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Updated: Jun 20, 2022
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After taking the MBTI test my results indicated that I was of type INTJ. This type is also known as an architect type. Some of the characteristics of an architect type include being quick imaginative, and strategic. As well as being independent, decisive and confident. Architects are also known to be open-minded and well balanced in terms of their skill set. These are some of their strengths. Some of their weaknesses include them being arrogant and judgmental. As well as they tend to be overly analytical at times and despise structured environments.

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Researching further it seems architects like to be independent workers and really dislike being told what to do. They would rather be guided and left alone to manage their work on their own. I believe this falls particularly well in line with how I am as well. I often find myself thriving in a situation where I am able to work on my own. If I am to work in a group, I find myself succeeding and the group succeeding when we all do our own things, and everyone is just accountable for their own portions of a particular project. I also find myself not liking when there is constant management oversight over a project I’m working on, rather I prefer when the management is hands off as long as I am delivering quality work in the allotted time frame. INTJ types also like the freedom and flexibility in the workplace and in their work habits, which again falls right in with how I like to conduct my work. Again, as long as I am left alone to do my own work and submit it on time I am satisfied.

My thoughts on this personality test as a team building tool can be described as follows. I think this is a great way to identify potential optimal teams. However, I feel at least with a small class with people of very similar backgrounds, the chance for having multiple different personality types seems rather slim to me. I think most people will be of similar personality types just based on my past experience of dealing with students that are of similar educational background (i.e. major). The place I think this personality test to make teams would really be ideal is in the workplace and in multiple working group type teams where people come from all different types of backgrounds rather than a similar background such as say software engineering.

In the workplace you can have business majors, computer science majors, and engineering majors, and because of this diversity the personality types I think would differ. But in a class with primarily software focused students I really don’t see the personality types varying too much, and since the personality types will be limited optimal teams may not be able to fully form because you may be missing some personality types that would help make a team shine. Working on a team project as an INTJ type, would definitely affect team dynamics. As I mentioned before the results for INTJ types indicate a need for flexibility and freedom. Management should be minimal and one should be left to their own devices. So for instance team dynamics would be affected because say I am on a team where someone has a personality type where they like to interact heavily with others and provide oversight or touch base constantly such as an extrovert would, this would cause a dynamic problem as we would not get along. I think it could cause serious issues as the extrovert may want to meet multiple times and manage every step of the project the team is working on. Whereas I would not want to meet and be allowed to complete my own portions on my own accord.

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