Should Schools Adopt a Constructivist Approach to Education ?

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Adoption of a constructivist approach to education system helps in ensuring integration of the content knowledge from a range of disciplines, enabling mastery of factual basis within each of these areas, which encourage students to apply such skills in several ways to meet the shared objective of the lesson. It is achieved through involvement in collaborative activities, building meaning into the experience that results in in-depth processing of information. Further, the method allows learners to discover and inquiry information that enhances creativity, sovereign thinking as well as quick application of facts and procedures to current scenarios and problems, leading to success.

However, constructivist approach suffers some drawbacks such as limitations of not learning vital information since the method revolves around only achieving critical thinking. As such, the students lack a wide range of background information based on central building blocks of learning offered within the contexts of both traditional and constructivist education.

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Constructivist approach lack cultural background acquaintance, a condition that makes students ignore information surrounding societal norms. Alternatively, this method limits a teacher to maximize time on task and interaction with the leaners that can guarantee accurate and relevant information bases when a class is composed of many learners, hindering realization of academic success and motivation. Regarding the importance of constructivist approach, I don’t agree with the standpoint because the learning situations vary and therefore, must be approached differently. Teaching encompasses the application of appropriate method concerning the situation analysis that calls for consideration of available tools, nature of the content, type of students, financial resources, learning environment, restraints and ability to pay for all these components.

Hence, using constructivist method only may impact negatively on the acquisition of critical thinking skills. Concerning the problem resulting from the application of constructivist approach, I agree with the fact that learning should incorporate both traditional and constructivist approaches to promote cultural background knowledge. The mixed method helps to expose internal motivation and demonstrate self-discipline such as inclusion of academically conservative approach.

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