Should Politicians be Allowed to Accept Campaign Contributions from Corporate Lobbyists?

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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The relationship between politicians and corporate lobbyists has always been a contentious one. This essay would dive into the ethical considerations, the potential for conflicts of interest, the impact on democratic processes, and the arguments made both for and against such contributions. Regulatory frameworks and their effectiveness might also be discussed. Additionally, PapersOwl presents more free essays samples linked to Justice topic.

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Corporate lobbyists are organizations that influence the outcomes of an event by communicating the demands of the groups to the government. Lobbying enables the government to understand the issues raised by the citizens. The understanding is enhanced by giving the members a chance to air their opinions and concerns they are facing. The corporate lobbying groups act to defend material gains from the government. The corporate lobbying groups usually offer financial assistance to institutions or people that require the assistance. The lobbying groups should not contribute to politicians campaigns.

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Politicians should be restricted from receiving the contribution for their campaign from the corporate lobbyists. The corporate lobbyists do not have the interest of the public as they are concerned with financial gains hence being against democracy. There is no accountability of the contribution because the lobbyists offer huge amounts. The vast amounts increase the lobbyist’s influence on political processes and often agree to policies that impact corporates positively with adverse effects on the public (Drutman 20). For example, the Minnesota tribes had offered the politicians a lot of money enabling them to get safety and defeating the Wisconsin Indian Tribes. The lobbyists should focus on saving money other than contributing it to Politician. The funds can help in solving many of the group’s financial issues.

Corporate lobbyists contribution may lead to unfair treatment of citizens because corporate issues are addressed fast and efficiently while the other issues take time to be finished. The lobbyists usually divert the politicians attention from serving the citizens to serving corporates demands. The groups push the politician to attend to their requirements first leading to a select service by the government (Barron 968). The corporates are made up of various people who influence and direct decision. Members of the group usually have individual interests that conflict leading to divided political attention. The lobbyists lack transparency in their operations which is a trait that may influence the wrong political decision. Politicians should not receive the funding because the lobbyists intend to seek a particular favor.

The lobby groups are misused by their managers as they depend on the communicating between the government and the organizations. Politicians should reject the offer to prevent issues raised by the lobbyist as a form of bribery. The lobby teams usually invite other groups to join in the protest to gain more influence (Georgiou, 224). Corporate lobbyists should not be allowed to offer financial assistance because they support a Politician of their choice contributing to his win. The interest groups increase the complexity of rules and policies made by asking for different demands (Barron 975). The corporate lobbyists are essential in passing people’s demand to the government and ensuring change is executed.

The Political should not receive help from the corporate because it increases the lobbyist’s influence on the politician and also the state. The lobbyists having the power can control all activities in the country. Some people believe that the politician should receive the help because the lobbyists are made up of ordinary citizens. Contribution from the lobbyist’s aid as a beneficial institution to fund politician, the government should set a limit on amounts that the lobbyists should contribute.

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