Sexual Re-victimization and Increase in the Chance of Alcohol and Substance Abuse

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Sexual re-victimization refers to a form of sexual abuse which is insensitive and causes fear for the victims of violence. Currently, there are many kinds of research concerning the female re-victimization of few sexual assaults, child sexual abuse, and adult sexual abuse survivors. Despite this, there is little research concerning male victimization and any form of service is available to them, this is because most attention has been shifted to females leaving men behind. Also, there is variance on the research available depending on its application in different areas.

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It is thus essential for the researchers to come up with another literature review that covers all forms of re-victimization in both genders. Not only should the focus be directed on the effects of alcohol abuse but also the causes of alcohol consumption. Drug abuse is a result of several factors which we should first address to prevent substance addiction and alcohol abuse. One of my research question is: 1. Do the survivors of multiple sexual assaults have high tendencies to engage in alcohol and substance abuse? 2. The other research question is does sexual orientation increase chances of sexual assault?

Addressing sexual revictimization will help the social workers, human rights activist among others develop criterions best suited to tackle these assaults. This is a dosage of hope after seeing this scourge of revictimization. The victims of such acts will get out of dark experiences if they find hope in other people. The support mechanism for such issues is likely to gain roots if only quick interventions are made. From this review, there shall have in-depth knowledge to the social work practitioners on drug abuse and its relation to sexual assaults. There are suggestions on good move in countering the issues hence leading them back to normal life. There is inefficiency brought about by drug abuse hence also a benefit to the social workers because they will now be able to approach the scourge at ease.

Literature Review

According to findings made by (Heerd & Hemphill, 2016), some of the significant initiators of addiction to alcohol, and which cause continuation in, its use is stress. It is also a significant factor that causes people to return to the use of drugs even after individuals have abstained for a period of time (Merrick et al., 2018). It has also been found that the majority of the people who report cases of sexual assaults have higher rates of disorders that are related to using alcohol (Merrick et al., 2018). In addition to this, findings also show that about 75% of those who report cases of abuse have been found to have used alcohol at one point in their lives (Ullman 2016). It is according to the report collected by the National Center for PTSD. It has also been found that there is also a high probability of women who abuse or use alcohol to be sexually abused at one point in their lives (Ullman 2016). About 60% of women and 20% of men who undergo substance abuse treatment at one point may have been found to have used drugs or any other influencing substances.

Men also undergo rape with fellow men due to drug consumption. In a way, this has caused victimization because it can be viewed as form of homosexuality. Not only is this a traumatic experience, but if victim is heterosexual, the likelihood of reporting abuse decreases significantly. Men being sexual assault victims have also experienced low self-esteem and lack of acceptance.

Substance addiction paired with offending drug use is one of the significant factors that have been found to cause homelessness leading to prostitution together with economic desperation (Littleton et al., 2017). Lack of stable housing, failure to provide one’s children with safe living homes, as well as leaving an abusive relationship are some of the factors that act as barriers to long-term recovery (Littleton et al., 2017). These factors lead to a lack of ability to completely stop substance abuse, causing high rates of recidivism (Ports, Ford, & Merrick 2016).

Individuals exposed to cases of poverty, substance abuse, and violence have high chances of facing sexual assault. Also, such people have high chances of having been sexually assaulted in the past (Mej?­a et al., 2015).

According to the findings made by another researcher, about 30% of the youths who run away from their homes and who are homeless have experienced cases of homelessness in the past. These youths also are known to massively abuse substances with commonly abused substances being marijuana, alcohol, and cocaine (Ports, Ford & Merrick 2016).

Substance abuse has encouraged people to prioritize the purchase of alcohol and drug substances over necessities such as food, education, and housing leading to an increase in poverty levels. Drug addiction has led to the need for rehabilitation which requires money being channeled to therapy sessions, training and treatment of illnesses. Substance abuse has encouraged peer influence interfering with the working of the mind and the result being violence.

Majority of the child sexual assaults (CSA) and adult Sexual assault (ASA) have been related to abuse of alcohol and other drugs. These drugs limit the ability of the drug users to make decisions, make the drug users to have unconsciousness as well as impairing the mind of the victim (Werner et al., 2016). Majority of the cases of sexual assaults is as a result of alcohol (Werner et al., 2016). One of the reasons that have found to make drinking the primary cause of sexual assault is because it is always readily available, it is legalized and it is socially acceptable (Werner et al., 2016). Alcohol-abusing decreases the ability of the abusers to select between what is right and what is wrong thus reducing their ability to making the right decisions (Werner et al., 2016). It also reduces the strength of the victims to resists these forms of assaults.

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