Same Sex Marriages should not be Legal

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Updated: Aug 24, 2019
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Same Sex Marriages should not be Legal essay

Is same-sex marriages right? There are a lot of things wrong with same-sex marriages. Not only is same-sex marriage wrong they isn’t quite normal. A lot of people support same sex marriages cause they feel like love should be blind and not have labels, but in reality even those types of people know it isn’t quite normal. Same sex marriages should stay between one woman and one man. The problems with same sex marriages is they cannot produce kids. If they get a surrogate or somebody who can carry the baby, kids should have their biological parent. Other problems are same sex marriages goes against several religious groups beliefs. Same sex marriage can also cause confusion in a child’s life. It can cause social and emotional problems ,and can cause gender and sexual disorders also[Judith,Stacey].Same sex marriages should not be legal.

The first argument of this issue is all children need their biological parents. They are using surrogate mothers and vitro fertilization (IVF), which they will have to live they whole life away from their biological parents[Kyle,Pruett]. A study by the Yale Child Study Center says that children of IVR asks their lesbians mothers a lot of questions about their father[Kyle,Pruett]. The questions they ask a lot is, “Do my daddy like me”, “Why he leave”, “ Would i ever see him”, etc. This will cause the child to feel very sad and unwanted. Couples having a surrogate is harmful to child, not having the real biological mother. Every child feels a connection with their mother when they are infants and they know when their biological mother is not present. Same marriages should exist because they are no able to reproduce children. The whole idea of getting marry to somebody is getting marry and start a family. Every female and man together can produce a child ,unless they have infertility problems. Same sex couples however cannot produce kids at all. Only way they can is if they have a surrogate or IFV, but if you have to do all this just to produce a baby than maybe it’s not meant for them to have a baby. If you have to go against nature to make a baby, than maybe it should not be done in the first place. If you can’t produce a baby without going to doctor to have all these surrogates and IFV than maybe it should not be done.

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A Lot of couples like to adopt kids too, this can also cause problems. Even though adopting kids is good considering they are very in need of a family ,this still can cause problems cause they should live in normal mom and dad household. They will be hoping for normal mom and dad family and they would get something completely opposite. This can lead to a lot of social and emotional problems in the child once they get older and even when the child start going to school. Kids seeing everybody else with a mother and father will cause the kid to feel awkwardly left out. Other kids could possibly notice this and decide to leave that particular child out of it. Which will lead the child to confusion and abandonment. Studies from University of Texas founded that “young-adult children (ages 18-39) of parents with same-sex marriages before the subjects had reached age of 18 were more likely to suffer from broad rage of emotional social problems. ”This can lead to them being confused on what to bring home to their same couple parents.

They would feel like its a crime to their parents to bring home a opposite sex couple, and feel like the couple will reject them. Even if this not the case,the child would still think it and also be scared talk to their homosexual parents about the questions and concerns they have with it . It would be like a child telling their parents they are gay, bisexual, etc, just vice versa when it comes to kids of homosexual parents. Not saying all kids well have this problem but a quarter of them will. In 2013 study found “children of married, opposite-sex parents have a high graduation rate compared to others, while children of lesbian families have a very low graduation rate compared to others…”So with this study it proves it can negative academic problems at school as well.. This can also cause personality problems.Studies shows “sons of lesbian are very less masculine, while daughters of lesbians couples are more masculine than boys[Judith,Stacey and Timothy Biblarz]. Thus that same sex marriages can have a negative affect the kids if they have some.

The second argument is that all children need both their mother and father. A girl named Heather Berwick, who was raised by lesbian couples, says the lack of a father figure affected her very negatively. A child need both one mother and one father. A mother are excellent in showing the loving and emotional cues of children. While the dad provides the strong structure and discipline when it comes to how well the behaved the child is. A father and mother in a child’s life is important for a healthy childhood development and learning life skills. How is the child to get this loving and soothing side of the mother, and the discipline of mother if they child have two mothers or two fathers. Mothers are excellent in giving children the emotional security. Kids can’t get this if they got two mothers or two fathers.If this same-sex marriage becomes common a lot of same-sex couples would be lesbians,which means we would have more children being raised without fathers,which is a problem cause children need a mother and a father. There are studies that same sex marriages are also less successful than opposite sex marriages. A father’s presence in a household can provide protection from fear of a child and their ability to feel safe. A fascinating discovery shows a girls who grew about with biological father,showed they had developed early puberty and teen pregnancy. Thus this information same-sex marriages can cause a lot of problems in children.

The third argument against same-sex marriages is same-sex marriages opposes word of God and goes against many beliefs of several religious groups[Should gay…].Christians believe in marriage is to only be oriented toward producing and raising children[Should gay…].Throughout scripture it says,”it is clear marriage is a lifelong ,exclusive coblenantal union of two people-a husband and a wife-which forms foundation for family.”[Keaton,Halley]. Many believes God created man and woman to produce babies,and populate the earth,not male-and-male or female-and-female.In the bible,it states.”Thou shalt not lie with mankind,as with womankind;it is abomination;thus condemning homosexual relationships.In islamic ,passages condemns gay and lesbians relationships including sayings ‘When a man mounts another man,the throne of God shakes’.[Keaton]. Not only do christianity and Islam opposes same sex relationships.Two orthodox Jewish groups, the Orthodox Agudath Israel of America and the Orthodox Union, also oppose gay marriage. Some people also argues that they tax money should not be used toward something they don’t believe in. Peter S. Spring says “that if gay marriage would cause taxpayers, consumers, and business would be force to subsidize homosexual relationships. Some argue the only reason the government legalized marriage cause they can get financial gain to federal, state, and local governments which will just boost the economy. That’s why they legalize gay marriage cause they can get more money off it, not because it’s actually right.[Should gay…].

In conclusion gay marriage should not be legal in United States. The first reason is every single kid need they biological parents, but they are a foster home child they should get a normal mother and father household. Same sex couples should not use surrogate mothers or vitro fertilization (IVR). Every opposite sex couples can produce a kid without surrogates and vitro fertilization, which should speak for itself. Stop going against nature to have kids that you got to get surgical or unnatural. Same sex marriages can cause social and emotional problems in kids, It can cause confusion on what’s right and wrong when it comes to picking their partners when they get older. That same feelling when a homosexility person comes out to their heterosexuiity parents, this is going be the same feeling for kids of same-sex couples just vice versa. The second reason against these relationships are all kids one mother and one father not two mothers and two fathers. Every child should be raised in a normal opposite sex parent home. Each parents bring something every child needs, a mother brings emotional support and father bring protection and discipline to a child, which all children needs. The last argument is it goes against several religious groups. Several passages in these religious books also goes against relationships between same sex relations. Same sex marriages should not be legal in United States cause of the social and emotional problems it can cause, kids need their biological parents, and it goes against several religious groups.

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