Sam Patch and Industrialization in America

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Sam Patch is known across the United States as one of the risk takers and a showman who was born in the year 1800. He was a jumper who started his life as a worker in a mill hand when he decided to take risk and jump off falls at first in the Blackstone River. For the mill boys across the country, the issue of leaping on falls and many of the bridges was a common act in which they used to do.

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But Sam Patch took this leaping to the next level when he took this as a career in a country in which industrialization was taking shape. This paper simply shows the manner in which the start of the life of Sam Patch can be compared to the start of industrialization within the United States. Industrialization was affecting greatly some of the institutions of freedom and the equality of the American people during the times when the country was at its start. Between the years 1800 to 1837, the industrialization across the United States had started to take shape and this is the time in which the life of Sam Patch also began.

Therefore, the industrialization and the life of Sam Patch have some few things in common.One of the writers Paul Johnson brings together some of the numerous themes that describes the life of Sam Patch, the issue of the growth of the semi-modernized America, the industrial revolution that took place in the country and many others. These are some of the few things in which the life of this celebrity who rose into fame before meeting his death after jumping over a fall in the country.

He showed how determination and taking risk can pull a country out of a coma and lead to the country being more industrialized at the same time. The given rise of celebrity and the issue of merchandising is another issue that describes the life of Sam Patch and industrialization in the early republic. This led to the people of the country to know on how to take risk at any given time and mobilize there time in focusing on the American dream of being the best country in industrialization and other areas. Improving the economy was one of the main factors that led the country into hard work and industrialization in order to cater for the huge population the country had at that time.Some of the industries like the development of the American aesthetic were another set goal for the country to achieve and this made the American people to change their attitude towards industrialization.

The risk taking life of Sam Patch is a great example to the American people ad made them to change their attitude towards freedom and equality since this man did his job without thinking back. Sam Patch is a worth model to emulate by every American during the time he was alive and this gave the American people the ability and will to face the issue of poverty and other factors in their society by taking the risk of industrialization. The manner in which the American people showed solidarity to the rising celebrity and other risk takers also showed the solidarity the people had towards the issue of growing labor due to industrialization.

Industrialization brought about the issue of employment to the people in the United States during this period and this led to the growth of the economy. The people were now integrated and ready for freedom and equality to take shape in the country. This is the story that can simply describe the industrialization period as it went on head on with the life of Sam Patch during the time in which celebrity and the issue of merchandizing was taking shape.Industrialization during this period seemed to be changing the whole country and affecting the working class Americans since they had to respond with a positive attitude. This was to happen because industrialization was making them to earn an income and make their lives much simpler compared to the rest of the other years.

Also, the changing attitude in the way of urbanization and the issue of industrialization seemed to shape up the economy of the country. Cities started to grow due to the industrialization processes in the country and this showed how important industrialization was to the growth of the country. In many occasions, people have to interact from all races in working places and this led to the issue of freedom, peace and equality among the discriminated races in the United States. The people learned a lesson from the life of Sam Patch as a role model and changing their attitude towards development of the urban centers and other areas was a good change. Therefore, industrialization in America and the life of Sam Patch are some of the issues that made America to be great once again and its growth came from the risk taking habits of urbanization.


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