Respiratory System Research Paper

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Updated: May 16, 2022
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I did the respiratory system for my project. I choose this system because It’s the one most Interested in because of some of the disorders I have involving this system. I have asthma and a couple other things and because of the challenges I face it has made me more enticed about learning these things. Now I will tell you about the things I have learned while participating in this project.

A very important question to ask is, can you live without this system? The answer is, no. This is one of your most important systems! Without your respiratory system you would not even be able to breathe! There are multiple functions of the Respiratory system. One of the functions is the Inhalation and Exhalation. This is the main function of the system. It’s basically how we breath. Air is inhaled through the nasal cavity and oral cavity (nose and mouth).

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It passes through the pharynx larynx and trachea and finally into the lungs. Then your air is exhaled through the same way it was inhaled. The next function is External Respiration. It is the exchange of gasses between the lungs and bloodstream. As you know when you breathe the oxygen is exchanged for carbon dioxide. This is what External Respiration is in charge of. Now comes Internal Respiration. This is the exchange of gasses between the bloodstream and body tissues.

The bloodstream takes oxygen to all of your cells while simultaneously removing leftover waste (carbon dioxide). Then the deoxygenated blood takes all the carbon dioxide that’s been collected back up to your lungs for release through your passageways. Another function of your respiratory system is the air vibrating your vocal cords to produce sound. This is called Phonation. It’s the creation of sound by your structures located in your upper respiratory tract.

When you exhale, air passes from the lungs to your voice box. When you try and talk your vocal chords are pushed together creating vibrations. This action allows us to speak. The last function Olfaction . This allows us to the power of smelling! It all starts in your nasal cavity. Air enters your cavity which activates your nervous system ( this is a stimulus). This stimulus sends signals to the brain. Your neurons take the signal from your nasal cavity all the way to your olfactory bulbs. That is how your sense of smell works. Now I will talk to you about a couple disorders that involve this particular system.

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One of the disorders that is very common is, asthma. This disability can cause shortness of breath and difficulty breathing due to inflammation of the airways. This is the disorder I have. Another disorder that can affect the respiratory system is cystic fibrosis. This is a respiratory disease caused by a defective gene.

It causes the buildup of thick sticky mucus that blocks air passageways. The last disorder I am going to share is Pleural Effusion. This is a collection of fluid between your lung and chest wall. The importance of all of our 11 body systems is really the teamwork. A lot of these body systems work together to help us live. Without some of these systems we would not be able to survive! As we as humans do, our body systems work together.

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