Resistance Prevents Us from Living the Way we Want

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Updated: Oct 16, 2021
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Resistance Prevents Us from Living the Way we Want essay

Resistance is the area that can prevent most from achieving their full potential.  The resistance is your lizard brain.  It’s the part of us that wants to stay safe and cares about what everyone else thinks.  To the lizard brain being in a tribe/social status is essential for its survival.  Godin calls the part of us that brings insight, connection and love the “Daemon”.  The resistance is trying to stop the Daemon from expressing itself and the lizard stops us from what Godin calls shipping.  Shipping is about doing work and delivering it.  The resistance is the voice of doubt.  This is the voice telling us we can’t do something, or we are not smart enough or that we didn’t graduate from a prestigious university. 

I, myself, have personally suffered from this.  We oftentimes feel inadequate when faced with complex issues or something we perceive as being too much for us to handle.  We must learn to recognize this voice so we can ignore it and focus more of our efforts on shipping.  The resistance tries its best to prevent us from achieving anything that is considered remarkable. In our text-book there is a section on reputation and that states, “After years of being an honest, law-abiding individual, all it takes is one dishonest act or a single incident of unprofessional behavior to shake people’s confidence in you and lose their trust”.  We must hold ourselves to high esteem when trying to be remarkable, because all it takes is one mishap for everything to come crashing down.  In the healthcare world, we can use books like this for self-improvement.  I think the author did a good job of dissecting the information and putting in in a way that we can better understand the resistance and what it can keep us from accomplishing.

I definitely recommend this book to those looking to separate themselves from the competition.  There are many insights and tools offered in this book that can be supplemental in bringing out the best in you.  By adopting the principles stated in the text above and changing your mindset, you can become remarkable.  This will lead to a much better version of yourself that will not only increase your self-worth but will also impact those around you in the workplace.  I think this book is beneficial to those in the healthcare setting that want to stand out. The question now is will you become a Linchpin? The choice is yours!

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