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Rosa E Rios (2008) in her research article “Brand equity for online companies”. Finds whether the traditional method to measure brand equity is applied to online companies or not. And the author used Structural equation modelling as research methodology tool. Brand equity fully depends on brand loyalty and brand value associations. Therefore, this paper is a little supportive of offline brand equity based on brand awareness and study is based on a few online business retailers. Totally brand value is determined by consumer perception and experience with the brand.

Chung – Hoon Park (2003) in his research article “Identifying key factors affecting consumer purchase behaviour in an online shopping context”. In the traditional market the interaction between the customer and retailer is face to face but in online shopping the customer interaction is fully depends on retailer’s website. With this the author investigated the relationship between online retailer and consumer buying behaviour. The online survey is used as research tool in his research with this he found the quality of the information available in the web, user interface quality and security, consumer level of satisfaction and their buying behaviour.

Geuo – Guang Lee (2005) had done his project on “Customer perception of e-service quality in online shopping”. Here the author develops a research model to check the relationship between e-service quality dimensions and overall service quality through this he wants to understand the consumer level of satisfaction and their buying behaviour towards online shopping. So, he collected the data from 297 online consumers to test the research model. The confirmatory factor analysis and structured equation modelling technique were used as a research methodology. As a result, the dimensions of website design, reliability, responsiveness, and trust will completely influence the owners’ service quality and customer satisfaction. In this work, the author explored that the research methodology can be extended to longitudinal studies, focus groups, and interviews. And the study suggested enhancing the purchase intention of customers and online retailers have to concentrate more on marketing strategies to improve trustworthiness, reliability, and responsiveness. Finally, this study will provide a valuable reference to the managers of online retail companies and to the researchers of internet marketing.

S. Saranya and T. Anand (2013) have done their research on “A Study on customers buying behaviour through”. In this study the researchers focusing on the customer preferences and experience towards the an online retailer and researchers used the primary study as a research methodology. The authors found that the majority of the respondents are aware mostly through advertisement and a greater number of respondents are aware about the brand is mostly from to 1 – 3 years. therefor the researchers suggest that every online company has to provide clear information about the products and make consumer to educated, include customer reviews system and more offers to attract the customer. So, this may increase the word of mouth advertisement.

Dr. Hsin Kunag Chi and Dr. Huery Ren Yeh (2009) had their research on “The impact of brand awareness on consumer purchase intention”. In this study the researchers focusing on the brand awareness, mediating effects of perceived quality and purchase intention of the customers and researchers used the cellular phone users as a primary study in a city. The study found that the majority of the respondent is attracted only because of their attractive advertisement therefore the researcher suggest that every cellular manufacturer has give more importance to the promotional activities. So, this leads to increase brand loyalty and consumers purchase intention.

Larry J Rosenberg and John A Czepiel have completed their research on “Marketing approach for customers retention” in 1984. Attracting new customers and satisfying old customers is a hard task. Therefore, to balance these two criteria the marketing companies should have more resources and that will help these companies to get more profit. To develop a good relationship with existing customers, the marketers should follow the ideas of the research: 1. Forming a special marketing mix. 2. Plan out most favourable or existing customer files. 3. Adopt the marketing company. Finally, marketers have to maintain customer loyalty as well as brand loyalty.

ILIAS O. PAPPAS (2014) had presented his project report on “MODERATING EFFECTS OF ONLINE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND REPURCHASE INTENTIONS”. The main purpose of the research is based on customer satisfaction and their loyalty towards the online shopping carts. Here the author used Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) and multi-group analysis as his primary source of research methodology and this research demonstrates that prior customer experience strengthens the relationship between performance expectancy and satisfaction. The impact of trust and satisfaction is important on online shopping behaviour of both high and low experienced customers. Finally, this research results in understanding the level of satisfaction of customers and buying behaviour.

Soumava Bandyopadhyay (2001) have completed his research on “Competitive strategies for internet marketers in emerging markets”. The study analysis strategies of internet marketing, in that mainly technology, marketing functions, target market and marketing mix are the key functions which influences internet marketing. Therefore, the study suggest that internet is more informational than any other transactional purposes.

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