Reflection on a Mentoring Relationship for Professional Development

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With my final mentoring meetting coming to a close, I belive that this may have been the most valuable meeting since the beginning of this project. After Mr. XXXX and I reviewed my resume I discussed my concern with my double major. I wasn’t sure if it was the best course for my aspirations, but after talking it over it was decided it was in my best interest to switch my major from finance to international business. With this entrepreneurial spirit inside of me, I need to learn how to be the best leader I could be, he told me “You can never learn too much, I am a lifetime learner. To become a great leader and influence you must be able to see things from another person’s perspective, lead through empathy.” Now he understood exactly what I wanted to do with my life I proposed a couple of questions to finally put all these meetings together. I have learned about his past, his present, and even a projection into his future. I have learned about his successes and failures, his up’s and downs, and even his mindset. It’s now time I get one important collection of advice out of Mr. XXXX, what do you think are the greatest challenges facing young people entering the workforce today? He responded “I would say failure. Your generation has such a small percentage of people that are not afraid to take risks, if you are never able to step out of your comfort you will get complacent and will not progress in your professional career. Not enough people understand that networking and mentoring are the greatest asset to a young individual entering the workforce.” This led to me, to my final question of the meeting.

Since you already talked in short about getting a mentor, do you think having a mentor is a valuable thing and why? After some back and forth talk it seems that he made a note that yes, everybody does things differently, the value of mentorship does go to the individual, everything is self-awareness and how do you learn for yourself. But a mentor should be a person to not show you the golden path to success, but influence you to do your best by showing and telling you about where they went wrong in the personal of professional career. A mentor is a guide to success not the ticket to success because it all narrows down to what you do with the information given to you. These last weeks have really changed my insight of where I’m going wrong with some of my decisions and how to correct these, Mr. XXXX has taught me how to remove my sense of entitlement and life through empathy. He has explained to me how to stay strong during times that try to break you, and even how to bounce back from setbacks. This mentorship project was one to remember and I plan to stay in contact with Mr. XXXX and have thanked him for his time and attentiveness throughout this process.

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