Real Talk about Sex Education

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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When it comes to sex education it can be awkward to teach. Although, it is natural form of reproduction, the majority of the topic is discussed in sex-education courses. The approaches for sex education are restrictive and comprehensive sex education with the following of being abstinence only and abstinence plus respectively.

Restrictive sex education teaches individuals that sex before marriage is unacceptable, while contraception and condoms are not discussed about prevention of pregnancies but instead seen to be unreliable to use.

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Sexual diseases and abortion is exaggerated, incorrect or usually avoided. Religion states that individual must follow certain rules before having sex for this sex approach. Comprehensive sex education is the exact opposite by including more information about sex. Comprehensive sex educations teach about sexual diseases, protection and that sex is normal. Religion allows individuals to express their sexualities freely while their values influences their sex life. Abortion, pregnancy or adoption for the fetus is a choice (Alford, 2001). With knowing the difference of the two approaches to sex education, I believe that teaching young students today should include accurate sex information.

The best approach to teach adolescents would be comprehensive sex education. By giving plenty of information about sex, individuals have that knowledge to utilize it. Having more knowledge could allow the individual to practice sex safely. It will allow individuals to be aware of STDs, different forms of protection, and that sex is normal. Providing information about sex does not mean that sexual activities will start earlier, but it could help with sex health (Collins, 2002). Restricting information would only make it worst because since individuals are not getting information about sexual health they may take it upon themselves to find information their own way. They may be sexually active with no preparation and have to deal with the consequences.

I believe that with my experience my parents avoided the sex topic until I was in high school and they made it to be a very bad thing. They talked about the consequences of being pregnant and contracting sexual diseases. Unfortunately, they didn’t go in depth of how to prevent it or anything else for that mattered. Although, it did not make me to start sexual activities early, I would have liked to know more about it for reassurance. I feel that being prepared than not knowing anything about sex could help reduce the risk of STDs and pregnancies.


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