Successful Person in the Society

I was saved from sin when I was going thirteen. But not really saved. It happened like this. When I was at secondary school I used to steal other students property and money. It took me two years from the date I got into the secondary school up to form two practicing the vice of stealing. One day I managed to break into my friends iron box where I stole his uniform and some money.

My fellow student went to report to the teacher where an investigation was done. I had placed the uniform in my iron box after stealing from my fellow student. When the investigation was done, the uniform was found in my iron box and teacher called me into the office.

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What went on in the office was painful. I was punished and the money and uniform I stole taken. On top of punishment I was suspended from school for two weeks. At home my parents punished me thoroughly and showed me the good virtues that I should embrace when interacting with other students. I returned to school with my mother after two weeks of suspension.

After meeting with principal we discussed the issue with my mum. It came to my mothers awareness that my performance at class was becoming poor because of misbehavior that I had. The principal with my mother advised and shown me advantages of having good morals at school and in life at large. The incidence rescued me from sinful activities of stealing and I started to respect other peoples property. Since then I developed good moral standards that helped me to be a successful person in the society today.

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