Racial Profiling in Law Enforcement

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Unfortunately, Racial discrimination has been an ongoing problem within society in general and also within law enforcement agencies worldwide. The news reports of officer involved shootings involving unarmed young black men, proves to be a universal issue that has not yet been resolved. In an effort to find a resolution to these senseless acts of violence, police officers should attempt to come together and become more involved with communities so that there will be less encounters between law enforcement and minorities that end in death due to the lack of training and implementation of public policies that place limitation on officers when interacting with African American in a lawful and just manner.

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The problem involving racial profiling and law enforcement has been an issue that continues presently but providing certain policies are to be set in motion, there could be a possibility of less racially motivated killings to occur within the nation.

Racial Tension Between Law Enforcement and Minorities

Due to racial discrimination African Americans and other minority groups have endured conflict when dealing with law enforcement officials. For years African Americans have dealt with discrimination and unjust treatment from the time of slavery up to the present day. Police encounter with African American adult males have turned lethal over the course of time due to the lack of instructive training that law enforcement groups have not supplied to officers. Another reason that officers have frequently used excessive strength on sometimes, unarmed black male, may be due to the fear of the general African American race or usual racial discrimination that an individual may show towards a race.

Citizen-Officer Encounters

Sometimes unarmed black males tend to come upon police officers lacking the realities that they may be racially profiled and treated unfairly due to the shade of their skin. Especially when police officers have a sworn duty to serve and protect citizens without involving any biases towards certain minority groups. Naturally, because we no longer live in a perfect world, there are continually a few unethical law enforcement administrators who tend to meander their way within police departments with hidden agendas and motives that do not line up with what the law enforcement corporations are supposed to represent.

Fair Treatment

In an effort of fair treatment for all without the use of deadly force, there should be policies in place to bring forth peace between law enforcement and all minority groups who have witnessed loved ones slain by police officers simply because of the hatred that may exists either because of the lack of training an officer may not have acquired or simply because of the lack of concern for life. Some things that citizens in general can do to avoid deadly encounters with police officers would be.

Solutions to Discriminatory Excessive or Deadly Force

There are many solutions to the mistreatment and use of police violence against civilians of a minority heritage when encountering regulation enforcement officers. According to Alang (2017), police brutality is a preventable reason of dying that burdens all racial corporations equally. Training that does no longer consist of officers having personal racial biases against ethnic groups is a most important solution to any miscommunication or correction of biased movements that peace officers might also demonstrate. It is vital for police officers to understand the regulations and guidelines of the regulation enforcement corporation they symbolize.  

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