Product Placement in Movies: Advantages, Challenges, and Prospects

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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In today’s world, according to marketers, direct advertising is becoming less effective. However, advertising has been, is, and remains one of the most effective ways to promote goods or services. Product placement is an advertising novelty, the essence of which is that the props of films, TV shows, computer games, music videos, or books have a real commercial counterpart. That is, the logo of the advertised product is displayed, its name, as well as a mention of its properties and quality.

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The Emergence of Product Placement as a Science and Technology

The study of Product placement as a science and technology has just begun, and so far, only two classic types of Product placement have been made, regardless of the distribution channel: visual and verbal. There are many advantages and disadvantages to product placement.

Advantages of Product Placement

Product placement provides a company with a competitive advantage because it allows the company to gain exposure and promote new products to the general public. The effectiveness of Product placement technology is due to its duality. On the one hand, she is forced to hide in the shadow of the plot of the artistic work and the actor’s popularity. On the other hand, it is the professionally and delicately integrated product of the film that is in the field of view or used in the home by a film hero and is remembered by the consumer, although he does not notice it at first.

Benefits in Arts and Media

One of the benefits of product placement in a piece of art is that the viewer does not annoy by the product placement, as product placement does not interrupt the movie as a direct advertisement, and therefore the appearance of a product or service is perceived loyally. The consumer reflects on the advertised product and their positive impressions of the carrier of advertising. Product placement in movies and TV shows allows you to create the necessary image of the product.

Ratings and Audience Reach

As we know, movies and shows are one of the most-rated television shows [4]. Contact with the advertised product can not be avoided, as it is organically combined with the plot line of the product. Therefore, advertisers who place their products in films can accurately determine the percentage of the audience reaching without additional cost for expensive research and analysis: the number of people who saw the product/service is equal to the number of people who watched the movie, that is, the rating, which can not be said about the traditional advertising. In addition, the cost of advertising budget on the idea of a video, casting actors for him, etc., you can not include it – it is profitable.

Disadvantages and Challenges of Product Placement

The first major disadvantage of using product placement is that marketers can not control how products are shown or included in an episode or storyline and may eventually be misused, questionable, or unethical. So advertisers should strengthen control over the demonstration of a product or brand. Another disadvantage of using product placement is that marketers have virtually no impact on the media, that is, how productive a program may be with product placement – it’s hard to predict where to put the brand to achieve the maximum effect.


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