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Illegal immigration is a topic of nationwide debate. The impact of immigration laws on students is detrimental. Demanding immigrant students to report their citizenship status is harmful for themselves and society. It leads to negative effects like an increased dropout rate, less jobs being filled, damage to innocent children and more. Students should feel encouraged to get an education rather than fear deportation of their families and themselves. Forcing students to report their status increases the dropout rate within our schools systems. By asking students to detail their status it evokes feelings of fear that their family and their self may be deported. The increase of immigrant dropouts leads to an illiterate class in society that ultimately becomes a burden. The number of undocumented immigrants is substantial.

According to Fazel-Zarandi, Mohammad M,” Our conservative estimate for 2016 is 16.7 million, well above the estimate that is most widely accepted at present, which is for 2015 but should be comparable. “It may also lead to increased crime and burden the prison system. By encouraging the education of immigrants within our society it helps them become productive members of our community. They may not have had these opportunities for education in their native country. Rather than viewing them as criminals we should see them as future leaders who are trying to provide a better life for themselves and their families. In the NY Times Room for Debate Article, Professor Michael A. Olives argues “In enacting this law, the state is punishing innocent children.” These children are not causing damage to their communities.

Some of these students have been raised in the U.S their entire lives and know nothing else. Most of the population of immigrant students within the U.S have not committed any crimes or threatened the U.S in general. Why should they have to be punished? The main reason immigrants are coming over is the same reason that people have come over for hundreds of years, to build a better life for themselves, for better job opportunities and for education. Why should we deny them the same freedoms that others have received in the past? While it comes to students who are trying to get an education that haven’t known anything else. When it comes to DACA students, the only language they may know is English; the only life they may have known is in America. It would be dangerous to deport young people with little experience. While many people may argue that illegal immigration is a national security issue if they have already been within borders for some time and have not done any damage why would they risk everything they have to be deported.

Even so, they should be able to do background checks on the people coming into the borders and allow those who are clearly innocent. Requiring kids to report their status is discriminatory towards immigrants and discourages people fleeing oppressive countries. The U.S has a history of providing sanctuary to those in need. Providing sanctuary would be the humane thing to do. It’s unjust to keep children and students from having this sanctuary because of mistakes their parents made. Migrating to another country is a stressful event.

According to Alfonso Urzúa, “This situation sometimes means living in overcrowded environments, being potential victims of sexual exploitation and other types of violence. These problems can affect their behavior, their social relationships and their general health. It can also diminish immigrants’ quality of life, mental health, social wellbeing, self-reported health, and generate distress, among others.” Requiring students to report their citizenship status only increases stress on the students and families of immigrants, A policy that discourages immigration is destructive. Our economy runs smoothly based on the jobs filled by immigrants.

The UMass Law Review mentioned, “As economic conditions affecting the U.S have evolved since fifty years ago when family reunification emerged as the cornerstone of American immigration policy, the focus of the American immigration system must be reoriented towards competing in the global economy.” Not only do they fill needed jobs but they have a positive impact on the economy through the sales tax on the goods they purchase. Immigrants directly and indirectly support the cost of education through property taxes. Properties that immigrants either buy or own rent are typically taxed to support the cost of schools. Immigrant students benefit our economy.

By pressuring them to give their status it leads to more problems for society. However many argue that gathering the status of students is just for statistical purposes and helps research the education being provided in the communities. Others say that as taxpayers they should be able to know where their money is going and for whom. While there are definitely issues with our immigration system, forcing students to give their status to the education system is not going to improve or reform it in any way. If anything it will just make things worse. It violates a person’s privacy and possibly federal law. Some argue that requiring students to disclose their citizenship status is unconstitutional.

According to John C. Eastman “a bare majority of the supreme court held that denying free public school education to illegal immigrants violates the 14th amendments requirement of equal protection.“ It would be unjust to not provide equal protection for everyone within our country. By not following through with our country’s principles it can make us seem not solid in our laws and foundations. Immigration is important for our country’s development but the way in which we do is needs to be revised. Immigrant students should not be punished for laws not followed by their parents. Our security and systems should respect people and look into detail of their situation. Reporting a student’s citizenship status can be dangerous for one self and their city.


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