Phone Review on Productivity and Well-Being: Unveiling the Impact

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Updated: Aug 24, 2023
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Phone Review: The Unnoticed Annoyance

How Does Your Phone Make You Feel? Has your phone ever brought you annoyance? Has it brought you joy? Many people think that they need to have their phone on them for everything they do. But without even knowing, it can cause them to be annoyed. Before looking at how much time I spend on my phone and how it makes me feel, I never thought my phone made me feel annoyed. I always thought it helped me with everything I needed.

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After studying my own phone log, I saw that I wasn’t really using my phone for productive things, but mainly unproductive things like games and Netflix. But now I know what areas to spend more time on my phone and what areas to cut back on.

The Battle Between Reading and Screen Time

One thing I enjoy doing is reading. But there always seems to be an excuse not to do it. The only time I feel I have to read is at night before bed. But I always seem to say that I’ll look through some of my social media and read in a few minutes when I’m done. After a while, I realize it’s been almost an hour, and I need to get some sleep. Spending so much time on social media can sometimes cause me to feel annoyed with my phone. Smartphones have a blue light that can help you see the screen during the day. When you’re in bed and you’re on your phone, the blue light can confuse your brain and make it think it is daytime instead of night. The bright light makes you stop producing a hormone called melatonin that helps your brain think it’s time for bed. Cutting back on my social media time can open up more time and allow me to go to bed sooner rather than later.

The Phone Dilemma in Academia

Furthermore, phones have always been a problem in schools. While in class, some students would rather be on their phones than pay attention in class, which is hurtful more to the student than the class. It can also inhibit study time when they are at home. Phones can be very distracting to students when they’re trying to study repeatedly and get notifications. It can make them get on their phone more than they should and lose their train of thought while studying or doing homework. Putting your phone away for just a few hours can help you get what needs to be done. Not getting on your phone during class shows your instructor that you are engaged in the lecture and helps you achieve a better grade in the class.

The Positive Side of Smartphones

On the upside to this, phones can help students in many ways. If a student has a question on an assignment, they can email their instructor and ask them questions without even having to go into their office. Students can also look up spelling checks, citation help, and even instructional videos. You can also shop online, look up any questions you need, and find restaurants near you. Smartphones can also be a great way to keep in touch with old friends and family members. There are endless different kinds of social media, messaging, and contact apps to help you keep connected with them.

After reflecting on how much time I spend on my phone and talking to fellow classmates, I have come to the conclusion that I have been spending too much time on my phone. Even though smartphones have many benefits, many people, myself included, seem to get very easily distracted when they get on their phones instead of doing important things that shouldn’t be getting pushed off until later.

Without even knowing, phones can be annoying to us. Even if we are just going to go on Facebook for a short time, it can distance us. Everyone needs to start looking at how long they’re getting on their phone, why they are even on their phone in the first place, and how it makes them feel. After looking at my phone log, it showed me that I really don’t need to spend as much time on my phone as I do. It causes me to push off important tasks until it’s too late to do, distracts me from partaking in hobbies I love, and I have to rely on it for most things I do. Even though it will be hard for me, I am going to try not to spend as much time on my phone and concentrate on the things that matter.

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