Personal Life of Sigmund Freud

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Sigmund Freud born May 6, 1856 was recognized as the father of modern psychiatry.  Many people did not believe in his facts and often thought that his theories were unsavory.  However, towards the end of his career he somehow manage to turn out successful.  Freud’s childhood was rather confusing to say the least which may have led him to believe that events in our childhood have a great influence on our adult lives, shaping our personality.  To his parents he was “Golden Siggie” and the only child of them all to have his own room.

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Freud studied obsessively and as a young boy wrote down his dreams which were unusually heroic.  As a teen Freud vowed, he would behave differently and would not allow anyone to treat him badly with humiliation.  Freud also thought nature and nurture is what occurred during development of a human. Nature is something that is inherited through genetics, while nurture is something that is rooted during growing up from environmental surroundings, early experiences, personal relationships, and how we were brought up. Freud believed that nature contains intense wild inborn drives and restrained recollections, and its because of nurture, on account of a some of the intrinsic drives have been raised through one’s childhood. Due to Hitler and The Nazi’s, Freud refused to leave vienna because of persecution of Jews around Germany; Freud ends up in London for protection.

Freud was a unique mastermind. The way he thought was rare and original. Freud was an early user of cocaine and experimented with it.  During this time, he began prescribing cocaine to himself as well as to his wife Martha expressing that it had such a wonderful affect on him.  He also began to prescribe cocaine to friends and family.  One particular friend became addicted to cocaine and once word was out it seemed to have tarnished Freud’s medical reputation. Freud was trusting that his examination would give logical premise for his therapeutic mechanism. He believed diseases could be caused by ideas and that it was not just in the body, but in the mind.  April 5, 1886 Freud opened his own medical practice. The objective of Freud treatment was to lead to consciousness repressed speculations and emotions, which would then enable the patient to have a more stronger ego.  The bringing of unconscious thoughts and feelings to consciousness is brought by encouraging patients to talk as freely as they like and about their dreams.   It was referred to as the talking treatment which basically consisted of talking with patients about their symptoms and feelings as well as talking about sex and child sexual abuse.  During this time Freud believed sex was at the core of the problem.  He had patients going in and falling in love with him.  Now, although most may have been amused and thought that the patient was in love with them, but Freud thought differently.  He for one knew she being his patient did not fall in love with him, but regardless he was going to figure it all out.

The 1890’s had several ups and downs for Sigmund Freud.  In 1895 after the birth of his daughter Anna, Freud gave up sex for a number of years.  During this time of the 1890’s he was successful with his talking treatment and by 1896 his father died.  Freud then decided to analysis himself in which he became the first person to do so.  Also, in this segment Sigmund Freud came to believe that the way parents dealt with their children’s basic sexual and aggressive desires would determine how their personalities would develop.  Freud had a in depth description of children as going through multiple stages of sexual development.  He labeled them as oral, anal, phallic, latency and genital.  Each of these stages focused on sexual activity.  During one phase in particular, Freud thought that children eventually turn their interest and love toward their parent of the opposite sex.  Then at that time also they begin to resent the parent of the same sex.  This was called the Oedipus Complex.  Oedipus complex was very similar to events of an ancient Greek tragic play.  In this case a king named Oedipus marries his mother and kills his father.

If freud was present today with his theories people would laugh and think some of his theories were bogues. There are still one that would be acceptable and those are unconscious mind, selective memory, and the dream theory. Freud didn’t actually concoct the possibility of the cognizant versus unconscious mind, however he absolutely was in charge of making it prevalent, meaning one his biggest contribution towards psychology. Freud remains popular today due to his influence in psychology, psychoanalysis, and the theory of our minds. He is known for shaping our revolution. Despite his bogues theories some other theories like the freudian slip, mommy and daddy issues, defensive system, and cathartic discharge are still thoughts in people minds in this day in age.

Freud smoked cigars for most of his life.  Throughout his day he smoked about 20-25 a day and continued this ritual daily until his death.  He contracted cancer of the mouth, he underwent many operations to treat the disease, but passed on September 23, 1939.

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