Pay Gap by Gender and Race in Seattle WA

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Seattle is deeply unsettled the past ten years once a national study unconcealed that the railway line space has one among the biggest genders pay gaps within the country. the foremost goal of this text is to know the sources of the convergence in men’s and women’s earnings within the public and personal sectors similarly because the stagnation of this trend in the new millennium. For this purpose, we tend to delineate temporal changes within the role vie by major sources of the gap.

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many parts are identified: the portion of the gap attributed to gender variations in human-capital resources; labor supply; sociodemographic attributes; activity segregation; and therefore, the unexplained portion of the gap. maybe less shocking, urban center additionally encompasses a massive race pay gap, one thing Sage researchers are reportage for years.

On the off chance that if you are a lady or a non-white individual living in Seattle, you are probably going to gain somewhere in the range of 44% and 71% of what white men acquire. On the low end, middle profit for black or African ladies is $23,000, about a large portion of that of white men at $52,000. Black or African men charge minimal better, with middle income of $24,000. Crosswise over race and ethnicity, aside from Native Americans, ladies procure not as much as men, a distinction more articulated for white ladies than ladies of shading.

The reasons for these gaps are studied for many years, and one among the largest drivers is activity segregation: folks of color and girls are a lot of probably to figure in fields or jobs that merely pay less. A recent national report on the gender pay gap shows that segregation by occupation and trade accounts for nearly fiftieth of inequality in earnings.

Our analysis of Census knowledge and data from the use department shows that over-representation of girls and folks of change low-wage industries possible explains a lot of of the pay gap for ladies and people of color in our region. for instance, in food service across King County, nearly sixty-three of staff earn below $15 associate hour. folks of color comprise forty five of these low-wage staff, despite creating up thirtieth of Seattle’s total force. The two charts below highlight the link between low-wage industries and United Nations agency works in them. Table two shows the highest 5 low wage industries in King County by two wage thresholds ($12 Associate in Nursing hour and $15 an hour).

Table 3 further shows that people of color and women are over represented in the occupations common in these low wage industries. In Washington, the women’s-to-men’s earnings quantitative relation has ranged from a coffee of seventy-one.9 % in 2000 to a high of eighty-one.0 % in 2014. Since its peak in 2014, the quantitative relation has attenuated in every of the past 3 years. (See chart one. information for the states began in 1997.) The earnings comparisons during this unharness are on a broad level and don’t management for several factors which will be important in explaining earnings variations, like job skills and responsibilities, work expertise, and specialization.)

In conclusion, raising the minimum wage in Seattle will provide a bigger earnings boost for both women and people of color. Based on sheer numbers, few policies available to a city like Seattle could do more to reduce race and gender income inequality.


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