Painting the World a Better Place

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“There are no mistakes, just happy accidents”. This quote was once said by the very famous Bob Ross, the television painter that became famous for his positive energy on screen. I think that Bob Ross is one of the most positive people to ever walk to earth. He influenced his viewers by showing them his art work and creating it for them on television (2nd). This environment was very carefree, it showed his viewers anyone can paint and people still live through his teachings today.

Robert Norman Ross was born on October 29th, 1942 in Daytona Beach Florida (1st). Ross grew up in Orlando Florida. As a young child, he had a love for wildlife and all animals (2nd). It would not be uncommon for Bob to have extreme animals such as birds, or lizards in his household, he loved taking care of them. As he grew older, and got to high school, he decided that it would not be the choice for him, Ross only went to high school for one year and then worked on carpentry with his father (2nd). In later years his mother Ollie Dorothea and Jack got a divorce(3rd). Robert decided shortly after that he wanted to join the United States Air Force, which is where he took a painting class in the early 1600s. Mind you, he was only eighteen years old (2nd).

This is when Ross’ career in “wet-to wet” painting style really took off. He started to really find his passion for painting and he expressed it on PBS television for others to view and be inspired. He sadly did not start to become a television sensation until after his death. Ross married twice, once to Lynda Brown who divorced him in the year 1981. They had two children named Bob Jr. and Steven. Steven took on his father’s passion and continued to paint for a living. His second wife was named Jane and they had a child who also held the passion of art. Jane lost her battle to cancer in 1993. (2nd)

Due to Robert’s health, the television special The Joy Of Painting had to come to an end in the year 1994. He was now diagnosed with lymphoma and then died on July 4th 1995. His final place of rest is in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. His legacy is Ross made his passion of painting available to the public by letting them freely watch him paint or maybe they just wanted a relaxing experience, he gave them the opportunity to enjoy his painting. He was such a positive person you would have never known all the struggles and changes he had that were making his life hard. (1st and 3rd)

Robert Norman Ross’s life has had a more then positive impact on earth. He took his creative skills he could have kept to himself and decided to share them to educate people on the art of painting. Even with all of the struggles Ross faced, he continued to keep on a happy face for the public. Ross lived a very carefree life, he never put an impression on that he was feeling poorly, he always was enthusiastic, no matter what he was going through. His life was not a piece of cake, but he always made it seem like nothing was wrong and everything was just a” happy little cloud” as Ross would say. (1st)

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