Owning my Future

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Updated: Apr 25, 2021
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    I’m very open to new experiences. I disagree with a routine-style of life, and crave change in circumstances that feel repetitive. I’m a true devotee to the belief that diverse experience is the best teacher, and as I’m in the university, I plan to take advantage of all the opportunities that are available for me. Cooperating with my peers and professors with research work or volunteering to be a role model for people in need are just a couple ways where I can experience academic and co-curricular environments that can enhance my current aspirations to meet my personal expectations. With these opportunities, I hope to improve on my professional attitude in the workplace and my knowledge on how to manage my responsibilities and tasks within my career and home life.   

  Completing research as an undergraduate student has numerous benefits when it comes to shaping my future and my career. I would be gaining knowledge on the subject, but my capability on researching could be used to strengthen my abilities for medical school and eventually a career in medicine. A great amount of responsibility goes into researching, such as contributing ideas among others, exploring different subject areas on the topic, redirecting my focus and drilling professional communication while interacting with my peers. Being able to acquire these skills can prepare and provide me with the required standards of a professional workplace, and also provide me with additional preparation and understanding of my classes.      

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Viewing the aspects of society that most people disregard or ignore is a sign of hope, and I look forward to being a part of a bigger picture that involves change. Volunteering to be a role model for those that feel lost and have endured hardships makes me feel accomplished to have shined a light for them that wasn’t there before. Exploring the different lives of others will open my mind and bring awareness to real problems that occur in our society, and it will give me a determination to continue helping the lives that have lost themselves. For instance, my dream is to become a doctor, standing up for those that have faith and assisting in the lives of others are vital notions in the medical field. Having experience in guiding others and giving them hope will prompt me the true meaning of being a hero, and making a difference in other’s lives.     

Knowledge is obtained by experience and exposure. Adaptation is key to a greater knowledge, and adapting to new ideas, beliefs, or environments are steps towards a better comprehension of the world that surrounds us. I have the possibility to do anything on our planet, and I will always choose the path that leads me to a greater outcome for the incoming future.        

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